Soup up your lifestyle to start your healthy new year!

Check out our new video and learn how to make some super soup.



Watch and learn! This is a brilliant way to make Carrot and Broccoli Soup - in minutes.


Just peel and chop the carrots and broccoli. Then the potatoes. Garlic next. Then it’s in to the pan with nutmeg and thyme. Add vegetable stock and boil - for just 20 minutes.


Next, you place the ingredients into the food processor. And we can’t think of a better one than the fantastic Cuisinart Mini Food Processor. This easy to use piece of kitchen kit is one of our current favourites. With chop, puree and grind functions it’s ideal for your busy lifestyle.


Back to the recipe - and with all your ingredients in the Cuisinart’s bowl you add some yoghurt and honey, press the ‘chop’ button and before you know it you’ve got 2 of your 5 a day, in a less than 200 calories per serving of the best soup this side of Masterchef.


Watch the video for the simple steps and some great serving and garnish suggestions.


With just a few basic ingredients and a Cuisinart Mini Food Processor you can soup up your lifestyle with nourishing imaginative soup, in minutes.


Who said fast food wasn’t healthy food?

Posted by Holly Mason
11th January 2018

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