Get outside and enjoy meal times in the wonderful fresh air! Try our alfresco ideas below:

Smoothie Time
Summer berry special – We all love whizzing up a fresh fruit treat in this easy to use smoothie maker. Poured into a glass drinking jar and topped with a straw, it’s the essence of summer in one slurp.


Cocktail Party
Cloudy lemonade – One sip of fresh homemade lemonade in a Kilner jar and we’re transported back to those endless summers and long, lazy afternoons of our childhoods. A slice of lemon and some lightly crushed ice-cubes makes it extra delicious.




Memorable Margarita – There are times when only that classic combination of lime, tequila and Cointreau will do. We put our Kilner drinking jars in the freezer for a few minutes, and dip the rims in water and then rock salt for the ultimate Margarita. A few sprigs of mint, a slice of lime – and cheers!
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Ice Cream 
Lemonlicious – Fresh lemons, sugar, cream and a super quick ice cream maker are all we need to conjure up the instant taste of summer. We’ll scoop it into pretty glass bowls and serve with a sprinkling of raspberries or a swirl of chocolate sauce too.


Fancy Food
Rustic lunch – I love offering my guests something different, and quinoa and bean salads served from individual Kilner jars with fresh crusty bread and home grown lettuce makes lunch much more of an occasion.


Summer Syllabub
Giving everyone their own Kilner jar with layers of dessert wine-soaked raspberries, mango chunks, a sprinkle of sugar, double cream and yoghurt means my summer puddings are sorted.
Jo Malone
– Aldiss Editor

11th April 2016

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