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Parker Knoll Lifestyle CollectionParker Knoll Lifestyle Collection
Parker Knoll Classic CollectionParker Knoll Classic Collection

A century and a half of innovative sofa design; handmade by highly experienced craftsmen, Parker Knoll combines ageless style with supreme comfort.

Whether you're after an iconic sofa design, or a more timeless scroll arm piece, these contemporary additions are guaranteed to upgrade your living space. Plus they are fully customisable with a variety of luxurious fabrics and wood finishes.

Norfolks Centre of Excellence for Parker Knoll

Here at Aldiss, both our stores have an extensive collection of Parker Knolls wo you can expeince the quailty of craftmanship firstmand. Parker Knolls have 150 years of true quality and craftsmanship behind them and are truly one of Britain’s leading Brands. The company has stayed true to its values of quality, style and exceptional customer service, resulting in exquisitely comfortable furniture, classically designed to the utmost style.

Parker Knolls The Lifestyle Collection

The LifeStyle Collection brings a range of modern, comfortable and contemporary motion furniture combining quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, with styling that is ideal for the modern home.

The Classic Collection combines elegant and timeless design with traditional styling and ultimate comfort. Parker Knoll's Classic Collection is available in a range of fabrics hand selected by a  design team to perfectly complement your Parker Knoll suite.

The sumptuous fabrics and Victorian-inspired shapes create a layered look for the modern day home. With colours from a muted palette that work well in both a contemporary and classic setting.

The Maison collection at Aldiss has a world of choice, whether you are looking for a classic, elegant and timeless style or a more contemporary and modern look to complement you and your home, you will find the Maison collection leaves you spoilt for choice.

With Parker Knoll's latest collection, evolution, they have redefined the art of reclining.

Evolution features clean lines, cool colours and luxurious finishes, all underpinned by the supreme comfort and engineering excellence Parker Knoll has been renowned for since 1869.

Parker knoll evolution 1702Parker knoll evolution 1702

Parker knoll evolution 1703

Parker knoll evolution 1704Parker knoll evolution 1704

Parker knoll evolution 1801