Ridleys Forefit Tumbling Blocks

Ridleys Forefit Tumbling Blocks
The classic game of tumbling towers now comes with a crazy new twist! take turns to remove the wooden blocks but beware, some blocks have a 'forfeit' or a dare to be done...are you brave enough to do the dare? ideal for all ages and great for parties, lazy afternoons, and for entertaining kids and big kids alike!

Classic tumbling tower game with a twist! if you happen to pull a colored block, you must do as told. So you might have to 'perform a dramatic death scene' or 'Improvise a rap about another player'. 18 blocks are colored and have an action to perform. 36 blocks are natural wood & blank. 54 wooden blocks total.

Not suitable for childen under 6 years

Box Contains- Set of blocks including forfeits


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