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Aldiss Loop
Aldiss Loop
Quality British product 100% New Zealand 3 ply wood Stain protected Moth proof 4 & 5 meter widths Price per meter squared
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Aldiss Luxury Twist
Quality British product Stain protected Moth proofed. Made from 80% New Zealand wool twist pile Available is 4 & 5 meter widths Price per meter squared

Selsey Stripes &  Plains
Selsey Stripes & Plains
22 different striped / plain designs to choose from 100% Wool Berber loop Available in 4 meter widths Price per meter squared

Arabesque RugArabesque Rug
Arabesque Rug
A stunning simple pattern that will add a nice touch to any room. Hand Tufted in India Wool and Viscose pile Available instore only Dimensions 2.30m x 1.60m (7'6 x 5'3)
Kelim RugKelim Rug
Kelim Rug
A stunning tradional hand woven flatweave rug in bright colours. 2.30m x 1.60m (7'6" x 5'3") Cotton and chenille composition

Sushi RugSushi Rug
Sushi Rug
A stunning and unusal design featuring coils of felted wool in an intricate pattern. Hade made in India Felted wool and polyester mix 1.80m x 1.20m (6"0" x 4'0")