What’s in a name?

Quite a lot when that name is Parker Knoll.

In the world of furniture there is a handful of names that need little or no introduction. They stand apart from the others. They transcend trends of the moment, because they’ve become synonymous with timeless style.

One such name is Parker Knoll.

Tom Parker, one of the sons of company founder Frederick, saw some chairs designed by Willi Knoll at Heals (coincidentally, there’s another of that handful of special names) and was impressed with their patented spring system. So impressed that he formed a partnership with Knoll.They launched the business at the British Industries Fair in 1931 and the business has been driven by the same standards of comfort and excellence ever since.

Some things have changed. The original, small, London workshop has been replaced with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire for instance.  And then again, some things haven’t. Parker Knoll furniture is still handcrafted, in Britain, to the highest of standards; and every piece carries the hallmarks of outstanding design and loving attention to detail. 

Today, you can own a piece of Parker Knoll furniture and, thanks to the huge range of fabrics available, perhaps more than ever before, make it individual to your home. We love the fact that you can put your own twist on to a classic.

And these really are classic pieces.  From the current models we would certainly point you towards the Oakham range. These sofas and chairs are exactly right for the vintage inspired look that’s so sought after right now.

Same thing with the Westbury collection. Imagine the Westbury Grand Sofa in a fabric that picks up the look of your living room. Picture it with a throw casually draped (be casual - don’t try too hard) over one arm. Can you see it?

That. Is. Elegant.

When we come to the Boston wecome to comfort. If these sofas and chairs weren’t relaxing enough already, they feature classic Parker Knoll engineering to convert them into recliners.  You won’t want to get out of it!

At Aldiss we’re proud to be a Parker Knoll stockist, because our aim is always to bring you the best. But we also like to give you inspiration. To help you with ideas.  Owning a piece of Parker Knoll is something you’ll be proud of. To have it stamped with your own ideas and identity is something very special. And it’s never been more possible.

Have a look online. Or, call in and see us to see our Parker Knoll collection first hand.

25th September 2017

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