Alexander and James - you can’t just call them sofas.

They’re so much more than that.


When you own a sofa by Alexander and James you own not just a sofa, or a couch, but a statement. Or perhaps more accurately an understatement.


These are pieces that have so much style, so many perfect details, that they don’t have to shout about it. They simply are what they are.


And what they are is the culmination of over 120 years knowledge in furniture design. They are all that’s best in traditional materials and techniques, married to a modernity that’s more than fashion. It’s style.


That fusion is reflected in, and the result of, the key players at Alexander and James. Managing Director David (also known as James)  Lee had the vision to build a brand that would manifest  his love of British design, and the heritage of traditional furniture.


When he teamed up with  Artistic Director Mark (also known as Alexander) Smith the idea became a reality. Because Mr Smith understood the look David wanted, shared his views on British furniture at its best - and he knew how to merge form with function to make these stylish sofas comfortable to sit in. 


Note that ‘in’. Not ‘on’. No, no, an Alexander and James sofa welcomes you in. It’s a piece of furniture you’ll want sit in for a long time. All year round. For many years.


Such a synthesis of design and build, heritage and contemporary, has only been achieved by very careful selection of materials and methods.


Alexander and James sofas are made from the best materials, sourced from all over the world. The wood comes from sustainable forests, the leather is chosen for  not just its perfect appearance  but also its ability to wear and age perfectly. The legs of these sofas are hand turned, the fillings are softer than soft because they feature  feather, foam and fibre.


If you wanted to understand the Alexander and James concept take a look at the Lawrence sofa. Leather and fabric. Tradition and today.  




Or the Jude chair. Lines that will never date in leather that will last.


They say - or someone did - that a good home is not designed, it’s collected. Try a signature piece of Alexander and James in your home. It says a lot. It says a lot about you.

12th October 2017

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