Worried about having a house full of family and friends over the festive se


Bring it on!


Above all else the festive season is about family and friends. It’s a time for getting together. A time for socialising rather than social media.It’s about face to face rather than Facebook. Eating together because it’s better than e mailing. Laughing and talking - not logging on and Tweeting.

We have some great ideas to help you be the perfect hosts. Things that will show you care, and show off your home to its best.

Feeding them comes first of course and it’s a well know fact that nobody ever has enough crockery at Christmas.  (You know it’s true!). Have a look at our multi coloured plates and bowls. What’s great about these is that they’re simple, classic designs that go with anything. Right now it’s absolutely the done thing to mix up your crockery. Think trendy tea rooms. It really doesn’t all have to match anymore, so you can add to what you’ve got with these bright pieces and be totally on trend. That said, at £3 a plate, these bargain beauties are affordable enough for you to build a second set of place settings!

 oslo duck egg dinner set

Complementary cutlery comes from the Judge Dubarry 24 piece set of knives, forks and spoons. At £19.99 these are outstanding value. Classically stylish they have a lovely polished finish and, vital for the busy period, they’re dishwasher safe!


judge cutlery set


Now, don’t panic. But some of the  guests are going to stay over. No, really, don’t panic. We have an ingenious plan. It comes in the form of the Reylon Juno Guest Bed. It’s brilliant. Designed for guest rooms, and limited spaces, it can be set up as a single, large double or twin beds. How great is that? And, let’s be honest here, what a fantastic way of  dealing with those, increasingly frequent, dilemmas of ‘What do you think? Will they want a double bed? Should they have a double bed?……’ You know what we mean!

This clever design is in oak or white finishes, and it includes 2 mattresses and a frame on castors for easy manoeuvring. It does need some assembly but it’s very simple and will be well worth it.


relyon guest bed


As to making the bed our Clarissa Hulse Boston Ivy Sulphur Bedding is well worth it too. With single set prices starting at £29.99 this machine washable, reversible, range of stand out colourful cotton bedding is the ideal finishing touch for the guest room. Add the Clarissa Hulse Boston Ivy Sulphur Knit Throw for that extra touch of cosiness.


bright bed duvet set

Let’s try and keep things a bit tidy shall we? (You’re going to say  that a lot over the holidays aren’t you?). Seriously though, expecting your guests to drape their Christmas jumpers and socks over the back of a chair is not something good hosts should do. The Norfolk Oak Single Wardrobe is a beautifully made and very functional piece of furniture. And think about this. When the guests have gone - you’ve got an extra bit of all year round storage. Yesssss!

Little things mean a lot (try to remember that if what’s inside the wrapping paper doesn’t quite live up to expectations!). If you’re providing a wardrobe a set of Brabantia Soft Touch Clothes Hangers  is a very inexpensiveway to make you look good and your guests stay nice and neat.

soft touch clothes hangers

So, it’s all in the planning. Put in some time now and you’ll be better prepared for a fabulous festive season.

Best of all? These great ideas are all things that add a dash of designer to your home the whole year round. Long after the guests have gone you’ll still have crockery, cutlery, beds, bedding and storage to make life simple and stylish.

Of course, having given the friends and family a five star stay they’ll want to come back next year. It will be fine. Really.


16th November 2017

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