Choosing a Fabric or Leather Arm Chair?

Every home needs at least one warm comfy chair.

With today’s eclectic trends in interior design, you can mix and match furniture, or co-ordinate pieces, to suit your personal style.

That does mean of course that there’s more choice when it comes to selecting chairs. You need to think about size, colour, style, and covering. The big one there is fabric, or leather.

Happily we have lots of chairs for you look at. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin!

We’ll start with a timeless style statement. The Alexander and James Jude Chair is one of those pieces that doesn’t bother with trends. It transcends fashion. Natural vintage leather, sumptuous colours and contours that simply exude elegance. Put it in a room of traditional furniture and it fits. Place it in a contemporary setting and it says you’ve got the style and courage to create contrast.




From the same makers comes the Alexander and James Imogen Chair.  This is available in leather too, but you really should see it in flocked textures and fancy patterned fabric. It’s part of a chair and miniature sofa collection and you can have it with, or without, hand tufted buttons. It’s curvy furniture to curl up in.

Another offering from Alexander and James is the Alexander and James Sofia Chair. This one is really interesting. Leather? Yes. Hand buttoned detailing? Yes. Totally traditional then? Ermm…No! This high backed chair is an exciting new  take on an established design. Already being labelled a modern classic it ticks all of the warm, cosy and stylish boxes.

When it comes to stylishness there are some names that are always at the top of the list. And one of them is Ercol. The Ercol Marino Chair signals loud and clear that you appreciate cool contemporary design, and that you understand good furniture. It draws on the legendary Ercol design and construction ethic to create flowing lines, from steam bent solid ash. It features fabrics chosen for appearance and comfort. Dylan Freeth of the Ercol Design Studio designed the Marino  chair and sofa. In 2016 it was awarded the Furniture Makers’ Company Design Guild Mark for excellence in furniture design. Enough said?

 ercol marino chair

If you’re thinking about a more substantial chair, but in a contemporary vein, take a look at the Highland Chair. Clean cut, and very comfy, it’s from a range that offers a lot of style and colour variations.

Parker Knoll is a another name we’re always proud to stock. Right now the Parker Knoll Penhusrt Wing Chair is a winning combination of fabulously designed upholstery and serious comfort. It’s another versatile piece too, fitting into all sorts of decors and design schemes.

 penhurst chair

See? We said there’s a lot to choose from. And, as promised, we’ve give you ideas in fabric and leather. But wait. How about combining the two? You need to see the Shetland Accent Chair. In a stunning combination of Canterbury plaid fabric and Chocolate faux leather this piece of furniture absolutely defines what an ‘Accent’ chair is supposed to do. (You do know what an ‘Accent’ chair is supposed to do? No? OK - it’s a piece that ‘goes beyond functionality’. Something that ‘complements a room’s decor because it stands out.’).

 shetland armchair

Coming up we’ll have other ‘Accent’ pieces. Look out for the Gallery Swivel Accent Chairs  and the Cotswold Accent Chairs. They’ll be online soon, and we know you’ll love their ranges of fabrics, including velvets.  Parker Knoll have a new range of fabrics due out too. Check out our website for their arrival any day.

We know, it’s a lot to think about. But we love to give you a choice.






5th March 2018

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