Some bright ideas for the lighter nights….

But here’s the thing. Some of our brightest ideas for the lighter nights concern what you might call ‘the dark side of the room’. (See what we did there?).


It’s like this. We all welcome the better weather and the lighter nights, but the fact is that sometimes the light itself can be a problem. Let’s start with the science bit. Research shows  that too much light while we’re trying to sleep can be harmful to health. And let’s face it, harmful or not, it can be a problem getting to sleep if there’s too much light streaming in through the window.


On the face of it this may not seem like one of life’s biggest problems but if, for example, you’re a night, or shift, worker it can play havoc with your sleep patterns.

Or, if there’s a new baby at home and their sleep times are different to your (much needed) naps, then it’s a simple fact that sometimes you just have to shut out the light.

And those specific examples aside, the levels of light pollution we have nowadays can make night time just a bit too much of a bright time for all of us.

The answer is to install black out blinds or hang blackout lined curtains. Bedroom or nursery, heavy weight or in one of the less dense fabrics, they’re ideal for controlling the light and making it easier to sleep.


black out curtains

As well as that, even a summer night can be chilly sometimes and an extra blind is a great source of insulation. And privacy. (Just saying!).

A good, dark, blind is a great complement to your curtains too. Especially if they’re patterned, when a solid slab of colour makes a contrasting design come alive.

Which brings us to choosing curtains. Spring and summer are the seasons when so many of us decide that new curtains will liven up a room.


First off, measuring is vital. No matter how good the team at Aldiss are, we need to know what size and shape you’re looking for. Take time to measure carefully.

Fabric will be your next big decision. Generally speaking if insulation is an issue then a heavier weight curtain is better. Heavy works best too if you want a sumptuous ‘hang’. And if floaty is your thing, then a lightweight  fabric will float your boat.


We can help you at every stage. Our team are here to help you with the three main steps to successful curtain buying.

 made to measure curtains

1. We will measure up for you.

2. We can help you choose the fabric

3. ..and finally we can take care of the fitting.


We’ve got some great brands in curtains and blinds, in a full range of weights and designs. We have a choice of linings too, including  blackout ones, which we mentioned earlier. The ‘look’ of you curtains raises the other big question. Pattern or plain?

When you’re deciding think about your furniture or bedding. Too many patterns is not a great idea, so plain curtains as a contrast to a decorative backdrop works - and vice versa.

Which brings us neatly to the point that a patterned curtain looks great against a plain black out blind. It’s a combination that sets off  a window beautifully, and makes for a great night’s sleep.


Now - there are some ideas you can draw on!

23rd April 2018

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