Get the look - A Pink & Grey Palette

Soft pink and tones of grey make the ideal combination for a subtle, sophisticated look. Colours come and go but these two are so right. Fashionable, but classic enough to avoid being a passing trend; muted, but striking enough to make an impact. It’s the colour combo that’s well worth exploring.

One of the great things about the pink and grey palette is that you can use it to complement an existing look. So try these Ted Baker cushions for example. We’re a little bit besotted with this floral design. Feather filled, and 100% cotton sateen, these adorable accessories are a useful 45 cm x 45 cm size. They’re part of the Ted Baker Harmony collecting and definitely worth checking out.

 ted baker harmony bedding

Gorgeous floral designs like this look even better when they’re set against a plainer backdrop. Mix your florals with the perfect pastel pink of the Ultrasoft Rose Throw. It’s available in other colours, including a very sophisticated silver. It’s also really beautifully priced at around £12.99 which means you can make a statement without breaking the bank.

 ultra soft rose throw

Time for a change? Think about a wall clock. It’s such a simple way to accessorise a room, by picking up on, or complementing, a colour scheme. It’s not about antique time pieces and family heirlooms. It’s a fun and contemporary way to add a stylish touch to your decor. For the pink and grey look, look no further than the Harriet Soft Grey Wall Clock. It’s a funky mix of retro design and current colour. Tone it with a grey wall, or contrast it with pink. Either way it’s a winner.

 grey wall clock

We really want to wax lyrical about this next idea. Which is appropriate really because it comes from - Wax Lyrical. The leading candle brand has taken the pink and grey concept and brought it to life. Undertones of musk and vanilla, with notes of rose and geranium - that’s the look right there in an aroma!

It’s big at 10.5 x 11.5 cm, and has a 90 hours burn time, so it’s an aroma that lasts.

And what’s more the Wax Lyrical Darjeeling & Damask Rose Fired Earth Candle is pink. And it comes in glass, with a silver grey trim. So it’s absolutely the right colours too. How clever is that?


The clever thing about pink and grey tones is that they work in the living space as well as the bedroom.

High on our list of favourite furniture just now is the Cotswold Accent Chair in grey fabric. This little gem, at just 78cm tall,  is ideal for the bedroom. The Mercury Grey faux wool fabric is perfect for the scroll top and button back design. Place it with pink and it’s pretty perfect.


The main feature of the bedroom of course is the bed itself. Obviously! Thanks to designers like Tempur you can bring the bed into the colour scheme. The Tempur Holcott Ottoman Bedstead is a perfect  blend of classic and contemporary styles; and it’s in a beautiful soft ash grey fabric.


The great thing about the Holcott is that it also combines style and storage. Because it’s an Ottoman Bed. The clue is in the name! This is about so much more than (we know - it is useful!) blanket storage though. The high, winged headboard and buttoned plush finish make this a seriously stylish bed.

A bed you could accessorise with exactly the sort of cushions and throws we started with. See what we did there? Brought it all together.  Just like a cohesive pink and grey colour scheme.


12th June 2018

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