G Plan - The brand with a story - and style!

First, the story. It goes back further than most people realise. Ebeneezer Gomme founded his family firm back in 1898. As a furniture company they did quite well, and by the 1940s were well established and respected.

But they, like all their competitors, were not immune to the war time rationing which from 1943 affected furniture as well. It meant that only a small number of oak or mahogany pieces, in a limited range of designs, could be produced. The ‘Utility Scheme’ as it was called would last beyond the war years until 1952. 

Suddenly, in an era defined by The Festival of Britain and exciting design there was  an upsurge in demand for new, modern, furniture. And Donald Gomme, the designer in the company, had an inspirational idea. He set about producing a range of furniture which looked right, had a common design thread running through it so that there was something for every room in the house, and it could be bought a piece at a time to fit into domestic budgets.

The finishing touch came from legendary advertising agency J Walter Thompson. Their writer, Doris Gundry, saw the need for a new branding to attract the new audience. This wasn’t to be a new range of furniture from the E Gomme Furniture Company. This was going to be - G Plan.

It would be tempting to say ‘the rest is history’ but that would mean glossing over the decades in which G Plan became the symbol of what was best about post war Britain. The way in which entire households were stylishly set up in G Plan. People aspired to it. Well made, seriously good to look at and comfortable to use the brand became part of the country’s consciousness.

G Plan readily adapted to further developments in taste and their Danish Modern range was on the cutting edge of 1960s  style.

Today the business has new owners, and the brand is a sought after as ever.

Because it is about the style.

Take a look for instance at the G Plan Washington 3 Seater Sofa. It’s excellent lumbar support means it’s supremely comfortable. Make no mistake about that. But look at the style. It’s sleek, it’s refined. It’s G Plan.

g plan washington sofa

One of our favourite pieces of G Plan is definitely the G Plan Turner 3 Seater Sofa. If ever there was a marriage of sumptuous comfort and style statement, this is it. Perfect.

g plan turner sofa

And when it comes to being distinctive, go to the G plan Malvern 3 Seater Sofa. Generously cushioned, and oozing sophistication, it’s quite simply a brilliant piece of furniture.

g plan malvern sofa

So there you have it.  G Plan. As functional as you need furniture to be. As stylish as you want your home to look. 

As contemporary today as it’s always been, it’s  a brand with a story, and style.


3rd July 2018

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