Our Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds Service

When it comes to custom made curtains and blinds - at Aldiss we really measure up!

We caught up with our in house expert Laura to talk about styles, fabrics and service.


Laura has been part of the Aldiss team for quite a while (‘I’m not saying how long!’ she laughs) and frankly she is something of an expert in the world of curtains and blinds.


Getting down to business straight away we ask what the current trends and favourites are. ‘I’d say eyelet headings are the really popular style for fixings right now’ she says. ‘People also like pinch pleats, and pelmets are always in demand, but they have to be in the right room. We’re good at advice on these matters!’  

made to measure curtains

And fabrics?  ‘We’re seeing a lot of people opt for plain fabrics, especially linen’.

Pausing only for a moment she adds, ‘What we’d call ‘coastal fabrics’ are in demand too. That’s stripes, often in blue tones and prints with yachts and ships on them’.

Already we’re sensing that choice of fabric is not a problem.

‘We have literally thousands of fabrics to choose from’ says Laura. ‘We carry lesser known brands as well as the big names like Sanderson and Belfield.  

So, with thousands of fabrics and loads of fittings to choose from how does the business of having made to measure curtains and blinds actually work?

‘It’s about working with our customers’ says Laura. ‘It’s a process. And it starts with measurements. If you’re coming in to discuss curtains and blinds you need to bring accurate measurements. The best plan is for us to come out to your home and measure up for you’.

And then it’s the choice of fabric?

made to measure curtains at aldiss

‘It is. The fabric and the fixing. Come in to the store and we’ll show you, and talk through, as many fabrics as you like. It’a big decision and considerations include the style of window - obviously! - but also the style of property, the outlook, and of course the interior design. There’s a massive choice and a very enthusiastic, not to mention knowledgeable, team here to help and guide you’.

But what about the making of the curtains?

‘Even more choice’ smiles Laura. ‘There are two options available. Curtains can either be factory made, or hand made by us. Once they’re made up, to the customer’s precise specification, it’s down to the fitting. And we do that too’.

 made to measure blinds at aldiss

So it really is a complete service.

‘Absolutely. We will come in to your home and measure up. We will guide you on styles and fabrics - from that choice of thousands. There’s usually a bit of emailing and phone calling at that stage when we quote you a price. Then we come back to your place and  fit them -  all to the highest professional standards. A full service from a top team!’

There’s one last question to put to Laura. When it comes to curtains and blinds, especially made to measure ones, what’s her top tip? She does not hesitate for a moment.

‘Accurate measurements!’ she says. ‘There is no question. That’s the vital one. Bring us accurate measurements by all means, but why not get us to do it for you? We’re experts after all. And we don’t charge for measuring up - so it really makes sense to ask us’.

Laura sounds very clear about that. But then she, and her team, do deliver a choice and service that really does measure up!

For more information please call us instore. Fakenham store 0845 1303388 Norwich Store 0845 2303670


8th October 2018

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