A Henley Farmhouse

A farmhouse style décor gives your home that casual look that is just conservative enough to be charming. Your living room is just the place to get away with this look. A Henley sofa is the perfect focus for your out-in-the-country look. Throw in a steel or driftwood coffee table and some throwaway pillows with customised patchwork and you can’t go wrong. A mahogany wooden floor will complete the look perfectly.


A Rustic Touch with Seville

The rustic country look is certainly not a new idea. The difference is just how well you pull it off. You can choose a rustic décor for your living room or bedroom. This look is about that campfire setting where you can almost hear the birds chirping and crickets singing. It is about pine ceilings and wooden fireplaces, antique flower vases, and cherry bookshelves, but most of all, it’s about a Seville sofa. Perch your Seville on one end of your living room, with some art pieces and you get the perfect rustic décor.


Going Antique with Blakeney

If you love all things antique, then you can have a décor style that suits your taste. ABlakeney sofa set is the epitome of old charm and is the best piece for that extravagant yet conservative antique style. The sofa does not have too much going on, which is perfect when you add an antique French coffee table. If you have a few collectibles in your home, then a Blakeney is just what you need to get your theme going.


Brighter with Dexter

You can choose to go neutral with your country look. Neutral colours will give your home, a brighter feel, which is perfect for small spaces. Then style is also airy and makes a room feel spacious. Shades of blues, whites, a touch of brown here and there will complete your neutral look. For furniture, a Dexter corner sofa will more than fit your style. You can have some throwaway pillows with a little colour to avoid keeping things too plain. A potted plant at the corner will add life to any neutral look. You can also have a Dexter armchair as an option for your bedroom décor.


15th February 2016

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