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Ironing - it has to be done, so we’re here to help.

The ironing. Some people of course actually like doing it. (Yes - really!). For most of us though it’s one of those irritating necessities. And somehow no matter how many advances there are in fabric technology there are still things that have to be ironed.

To underline the point there are numerous tips on ironing available out there. Things like ‘use the whole ironing board’ and ‘iron with long straight strokes’. Did you know for instance that ‘wiggling’ the iron around can cause new creases in the fabric - because you’ll have stretched it - and those creases can be harder to get out than the original ones!

We of course in ‘Aldiss land’ live in a notoriously hard water area so always boiling your iron water before use is a good way of avoiding not only your iron blocking up but also those horrible squirts of chalky liquid that make an ironing session really annoying.

As with all jobs having the right tools is half the battle (as they say) so we’ve been looking at some of the products in our Home section and we’ve picked out a few that will help make ironing a bit easier.

The Tefal Superglide 2400w iron was an easy choice to make. With a continuous steam output of 35g/minute, and a steam boost of 120g/min, this little beauty will take on even the most stubborn creases. It’s got a ceramic soleplate for easy action and it’s even easy on the eye in a bright blue finish.

 Tefal - Superglide 2400w Iron

Coming in at a bit more expensive is the Rowenta Auto Steam 2300w iron. It features 3 temperature settings where the iron will automatically adjust to the ideal steam output.  The Microsteam 300 laser soleplate means it’s perfect for steam distribution. It also has an anti drip feature which even works at low temperatures.  It ticks a lot of boxes for us.

 Rowenta - Autosteam 2300w Iron

Steam is a vital part of good ironing and we love this bit of kit. The Russell Hobbs Supreme 2400w Steam Generator really does help to speed up the process. It heats up in less than 60 seconds and temperature selection is made easy with digital controls. If you want the ‘science bit’ it goes like this: The steam generator iron has a larger tank which heats up the water quickly and produces higher levels of steam pressure - 5 bars in fact!. When you use the iron you force big bursts of steam through the soleplate and that extra power makes the ironing easier - and faster. See? 


The Russell Hobbs model pushes out steam at 140g/minute - and trust us, that’s powerful.

 Russell Hobbs - Supreme 2400w Steam Generator Iron

As to other advice - well you’re probably familiar with techniques like ironing garments inside out. Ironing in the right order, by tackling the things that need a cooler iron first, is a good tip. Obvious when you think about it. That of course follows naturally from the sound advice that is to read the care labels properly. We know - it’s a bit of a chore, but it is worth it. Be honest - it’s cheaper in the long run.


Otherwise the only thing we can suggest is get yourself organised with a good ‘ironing playlist’. That would have to help wouldn’t it?  Alicia Keys ‘Pressing On’ perhaps. (Sorry!)


Oh - one other thing. Comforting yourself for an ironing session with chocolate is not a good idea is it? Think it through!

25th October 2018

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