Christmas. Together we can get through this!

Prepare for the festivities with these top ten Christmas Essentials. This is the seasonal survival guide.

Yes, these are things you always need but sometimes forget. The things that, if you’ve overlooked them, turn Christmas into a crisis. Well no more. Be prepared.

1. The Turkey Baster. We know, it sounds obvious. But do you actually have one?  Check. Now. We recommend the Joseph Joseph Thermo Baster.

 tukey baster ay aldiss

2. The Thermometer. The Joseph Joseph Thermo Baste does include a thermometer, or there’sthe Salter Instant Read Thermometer. It’s great for jam making and barbecues too but let’s stick to the task in hand for the moment. This is an essential, not just for turkey taste and succulency - it’s about safety!

 turkey thermometer

3. The Extra Glasses. OK. Turkey is in the oven. Time to serve drinks and such. Hospitality alert!! Do you have enough glasses? We know it’s all about family and fun but Prosecco in a tea cup? It’s not very classy? Is it? Survive the shortage with style. Try the Fizz Wine Glasses and Fizz Highball Tumblers. Take a look.  You’ll see what we mean when we say they add a splash of colour to the proceedings.

fizz wine glasses

4. The Corkscrew. Yes, yes, it’s another obvious one. But just stop and think. Ever had a corkscrew break? Or go missing? Do you want that to happen? At Christmas? No, of course you don’t. We have a range of Barcraft Corkscrews that won’t break the bank but will prove priceless in a drinks related emergency. Whilst you’re looking at corkscrews you might want to scan our complete  barware department. Cocktail shakers, ice buckets, bottle openers ….see what we mean?


5. The Extra Tableware. It’s one of the worst possible moments. It’s all gone pretty well so far and then, just as you’re about to serve, you ask yourself what am I going to serve it in. Or on to? From classics like the Denby Halo Oval Platter to (check - have you got one?) the Simply Home Gravy Boat we’ve got everything you’ll need to supplement your stocks. But we can only help you if you want to be helped! Look through what you’ve got now. And then check our huge offering.

denby halo platter

6. The Extra Dining Chairs. This crucial issue has become such an acknowledged problem that it regularly features in stand up comedy. But standing up because there isn’t a chair is not funny. Especially at Christmas lunch. Nobody wants to be too high, or too low, or balanced on a step stool. Solving this one needn’t cost a fortune, nor require a new dining set.  The Erco Romana Cantilever and the Ercol Romana Dining Chair are great examples of stylish dining chairs that can be bought individually. Add to your current set or, and this is very on trend, mix and match. But make sure there are enough seats!


7. The Carving. It’s all cooked, tested, and served. There are enough glasses and chairs. The turkey looks superb. But now it has to be carved properly. Be ready. We really like Taylors Eye Witness 2 Piece Brass Carving Set. Beautifully made and featuring soft grip handles these are the go to tools for turkey carving.

8. The Games. You’ve probably got a stack of board games. But there’s the problem for you right there. They’re bored with you board games. Because they come out every year.  Ridley’s After Dinner Quiz, or Ridley’s That’s So Nerdy Quiz are brilliant fun and a chance to keep them entertained with something new this year. We have loads more to choose from. It’s definitely worth a look.

 quiz game

9. The Guest Bedding. It needs to be thought through.In the spirit of Christmas it might not be necessary to offer five star accommodation, but a decent bed and a warm night’s sleep isn’t too much to expect. The Fogarty Soft Comfort Duvet is at entry level pricing but more than welcoming. William Morris have a huge range of Duvet covers. Oh go on then - throw in an Aroma Home Mini Hot Water Bottle in a knitted cover. Very seasonal. Very snuggly. 

 william morris bedding

10.The Storage. There is always food left over or needing storage. The last thing you want is to find, as you do the last jobs of the day, is that there’s no way of storing it. A simple thing like the Kitchencraft Large Food Container makes it easy to organise your fridge and avoid waste.

 kitchen craft container

And relax! Good job! Everything covered and ready for all eventualities. Our survival kit has led you through the day from starting the cooking to clearing away, safe in the knowledge that the guests are tucked up and warm.

Together we have survived! Now comes Boxing Day. Pull your self together. We can do this……

4th December 2018

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