New Year, New You, New Gadgets!

It’s here! 2019 has arrived. We have some good news and some bad news for you.


The bad news first? You already know it really. It’s time to repair the damage. The excesses of Christmas have to stop right here. It’s ‘New Year, New You’ time.


The good news? We have some wonderful gadgets to help you. And the even better news?  They are NOT connected to the gym. You can got through the now traditional signing up for a gym membership you won’t use after January if you like. That’s entirely up to you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Really.


An altogether more acceptable route to a new you in the new year is, we think, to focus on what you eat, and how you prepare it. 


Step up to the plate (if you see what we mean!) Mr Joe Wicks. The author of the much acclaimed ‘Lean in 15’ Series, Joe Wicks is also creator of the 90 Day Plan which has transformed thousands of bodies around the world.


Joe is, as he says himself, on a mission to ‘get the world off diets, become more active and eat proper food’.


They call him ‘The Body Coach’ and his rise from struggling trainer to very successful author, TV presenter and social media star has been meteoric. He really does know his stuff and when he introduced a range of products to help prepare the kind of food that he sees as the way to fitness and feeling good we were keen to stock them.


What impressed us was the way in which these gadgets steer you towards the right sort of foods, and have top notch design and features as well. For instance, take the Joe Wicks 3 in 1 Multi - Function Peeler. If you’re going to be eating healthier you’re going to be eating more fruit and vegetables. You will be able to peel fruit, julienne carrots, ribbon cucumbers and much more besides with this brilliantly designed prep tool. The comfortable grip makes it easy to use, and safe to handle. It’s dishwasher safe too. And it comes with a Quality Assurance Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with it in the first 100 days you get your money back.

Joe Wicks 3 in 1 multi function peeler 


In design terms we are seriously enthusiastic about the Joe Wicks 2 in 1 Crusher and Grater. It’s sturdy, and easy to use for a start. The grater is ideal for garlic, or ginger. But get this. By rocking the gadget over a clove you can crush garlic - while leaving your hands odour free. Now that is a bonus. Right?

Joe Wicks Crusher and Grater

From grating and crushing we move to cutting.  And on the cutting edge is the Joe Wicks Fruit and Vegetable 2 Piece Steel Knife Set. Chefs and cookery fans alike can wax lyrical about knives but in our opinion these are as good as it gets. Comfortable rubberised handles complement super sharp blades. Yes, of course you have to be careful but these knives wash and come clean so easily in warm soapy water. They’re very much part of Joe’s mission to get us all prepping and cooking simple, healthy, food.

Joe Wicks 2 Piece Knife Set

Storage is always an issue and the Joe Wicks 3 Piece Rectangular Container Set really does box clever. They are safe, durable storage containers. They look pretty good too. But then they are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe as well. And - for use in the microwave - they have ‘divided protection’ at the bottom which improves heat  transfer. Designed to deliver maximum water vapour and air tightness they’re made from pure polypropylene. What that means is that they’re Bisphenol - A Free  so they’re safe for you , and the environment. They pretty much tick all the boxes!

Joe Wicks Lunch Boxes

Check out the Joe Wicks products in store and online. It seems to us that the new year - and the new you - could shape up rather well.

2nd January 2019

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