What is a snuggler chair?

The truth is there’s quite a lot to talk about when it comes to the snuggler chair.


Although, ironically, there’s not a huge amount to report about its origins. We know that upholstered chairs big enough for more than one person began to be popular in the late 1700s. But that was more to do with accommodating those big frocks than snuggling.


In the 1800s the French (who else?) invented the ‘Love Seat’. That was the ‘tete a tete’ style as they called it. You know what it looked like. Very Victorian.


Those historical notes aside nobody seems to know who invented  what we now call the snuggler chair. No single designer or manufacturer lays claim to being the first to offer such a piece. We’re in the business after all, and we don’t know. And a rigorous Google (other search engines are available!) of the subject reveals nothing more about the beginnings of this now hugely popular item. It’s as if the modern snuggler chair has arrived, from furniture heaven, by magic.


And there is something magical about it. At the same time there’s something sensible too. Which would you prefer to explore first? The magical and romantic? Or the sensible and practical? OK - we’ll choose for you. Let’s do romantic.


This is a chair big enough for two of you to snuggle into. You see where this is going? It’s about snuggling. It’s romantic. Bigger than an armchair but smaller than a two seater sofa this piece of furniture is made for…….. snuggling. Some people are actually calling them ‘cuddle chairs’. The term ‘love seat’ has been reintroduced

occasionally but, call us demure, we think that’s perhaps a little too much.


A snuggler chair that we like very much is the Alexander and James, Lawrence Snuggler Chair. This is a piece for the discerning among you. With neutral tones of  upholstery striking a stylish contrast with timeless leather this oversized chair is a statement.

 alexander and james lawrence snuggler

A little more formal perhaps, but no less snuggle worthy is the Carnaby Snuggler. Yes, this is contemporary design, but it’s married to sumptuous comfort. We’re talking feather filled arm pillows here! It’s available in some great fabrics, meaning it can complement a whole range of decors. But it’s ideal for lounging. Snuggling. Just cuddling up……..

 carnaby snuggler chair

Right. Let’s do the practical stuff. Now.


When it comes to practicality and versatility the Havana Cuddler is definitely worth checking out.It ticks all the boxes and has a recliner option! This cuddler (yes - they went for ‘cuddler’) is in high quality upholstery and features seating that’s soft, but retains its shape.

 havana snuggler chair

The brilliant thing about a snuggler chair is this. Because it’s bigger than a chair you can use it to help furnish a room that doesn’t quite have room for a sofa.


Or, in a slightly bigger room where you want to optimise space you can use a

snuggler instead of a sofa. Or try two snugglers and an armchair for a comfortable but contained seating strategy. This is about the flexibility that comes with a piece of  furniture that defines style but defies tradition.


Take  a look at the Tate Snuggler Standard Back snuggler chair.


tate snuggler chair


See what we mean? If you’ve got limited space the snuggler chair suddenly becomes more of a mini sofa. Very practical. Which doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up in it. Just you. Or just you two. Magic…..

3rd January 2019

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