Angel Strawbridge homewares. At Aldiss. How exciting is that?

We are seriously excited. Angel Strawbridge has launched her own range of home textiles all of which draw on the Chateau for inspiration and style.

Aldiss are going to be one of the lucky stockists.


Best selling author, businesswoman, founder of The Vintage Patisserie - Angel Strawbridge is a legend. Since 2015 she, and her husband Dick Strawbridge have been immersed in the restoration of the Chateau they bought in the Pays de la Loire. It was a project so vast and so complex that it developed into Channel 4’s three part documentary ‘Escape to the Chateau’.


The collection has been produced in collaboration with The Design Studio. It includes curtains (made-to-measure and ready-mades), cushions, bedding and wallpaper. And all of it just oozes her unique sense of style and quirkiness.


These are designs that are hard wired into history and heritage, at the same time as being directly connected to contemporary thinking. These are beautiful, bright, bold ideas. Each of the five capsule collections within the overall The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge’ brand tells a story.


From outside the chateau comes the Oriental Garden Collection. Think fabrics printed with motifs of bamboo, blossoms, and butterflies. Then imagine them as gorgeous curtains and cushions. 

 blossom and butterfly cushion


The Heron Collection was inspired by a regular Heron that visits the moat that surrounds the Chateau. Its stunning appearance, coupled with its place in Japanese culture representing grace and nobility, have been translated by Angel into wonderful wallpaper and beautiful bedding. There are cushions too.




The old servants’ quarters that overlook the walled kitchen garden was the catalyst for The Potagerie CollectionFeaturing plants and flowers that have been lovingly planted and nurtured by Dick, Angel and their two children, this stunning collection, which Angel says is ‘all about love’, adorns the fourth floor room in the form of wallpaper and fabric.




The Chateau’s interior has inspired several more strands of design. The Wallpaper Museum Collection is  so much more than its name suggests. Having discovered rolls and rolls of antique wallpaper, running all the way back through the chateau’s history, Angel has done something rather special. She’s taken the colours and patterns from those papers and brought them to life in a fabulous collection of fabrics, papers, bedding and even lampshades.




Then there’s The Deco Collection. Taking the look of classic Art Deco, and modernising it for contemporary interiors, these designs are rooted in what Angel has done for the interior of the chateau.  The woven fabrics make for a luxurious texture. Without compromising the original’s glamour, she has reimagined the palette into a sophisticated range of creams, blushes and teals giving you the chance to add real style to your own interior design.


When news broke of ‘The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge’ as an idea, there was talk of it being ‘hotly anticipated’. The wait is over! It’s here, and it’s here at Aldiss.


Did we mention that before? Did we say are really excited to be a stockist?


We did?


Come in and look at  The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge’. At Aldiss. We defy you not to be excited too. 

19th March 2019

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