The Greatness of Grey

Trends are seldom timeless, and fashion is often fickle. Sometimes something rises above it all. In interior design, time was that beiges and magnolias were the go to neutrals. They have not stood the test of time. But grey has.


The grey palette has transcended being a trend. It’s timeless. Timelessly stylish.


It’s very versatile too. What we like about grey is that it works on your walls to set off your room, and it also works on your furnishings as the signature to your interior. It can be the background or the foreground.


In fact, for a cool, monochromatic and slightly new Nordic look, it can be both. At the same time. That’s how versatile it is.


If there’s a piece of furniture that works perfectly in grey it’s the sofa. Take The Alexis Corner Sofa, with its footstool, for example.


 alexis grey corner sofa at aldiss


It’s certainly versatile. As a corner sofa it comes as either left hand or right hand facing. It’s very stylish too. That curve of its teardrop arm and the button backed cushions see to that. It’s when you consider the matching accent cushions, in a choice of four fabric colour ways that you suddenly see the greatness of grey.


If you don’t have the space, or the corner, for an Alexis, then consider The Ellis Sofa. In the same grey tones, and featuring seriously stylish legs, this button backed beauty is equally at home in a contemporary setting or retro room.



 ellis grey sofa



Whatever the look you’re looking for the fact is that there’s a place for grey. It’s such a brilliant base to work with.


Testament to the appeal is the fact that you can use it to create a softness, or something more striking. Team grey with white, or teal, and the overall effect is calming. Move up through the gears to put it against pink and it’s saying something different. Add lime green or bright yellow and you’re in a different league. That’s a statement.


Colour needn’t be the only contrast of course. Think texture. Smooth against woven. Wood against metal.


The Louis Grand Sofa is a masterclass in mixing patterns within the same palette. It’s in super soft fabric. It’s also in the outstandingly great ideas class. Those fabrics, mixed and matched, are as modern as you can imagine; but they sit on a sofa that wears its design heritage with pride. We think it’s brilliant.



 louis grey sofa



We also think that sofas are great for families. That of course means a lot of use. Happily another aspect of the greatness of grey is that you can include practicality in its list of benefits. As a centre piece to a family room The Fortress Sofa is absolutely on brief. It’s chic, but really comfortable. Its pillow and scatter cushions are elegantly patterned. But wait. You can reverse them to have a plain effect in an instant. Vary your look and even out the wear. That’s clever.  



 fortress grey sofa



Grey sofas are always popular with our customers. (It’s why we have such a selection in stock). The reason, it seems to us, is the timelessness of the tone. That wonderful setting of grey, giving you the chance to do so much. Stay steely urban with plain fabrics or create a cosiness with florals. Your choice. A great choice.


A great choice based on the greatness of grey.  

19th March 2019

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