Picture Perfect - The Postcards From Norfolk Collection.

Far be it from us to make assumptions, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this stunning, and exclusive, collection.


When our ‘Norfolk Beach Huts’ fabric design was launched in 2018 it proved so popular that we started thinking about a follow up straightaway. What could we offer you that you’d like just as much? More images of Norfolk, obviously.


Before the end of August 2018 we had devised the outline for a new collection. Armed with pictures of some of the buildings and landmarks that define Norfolk, and ideas for a bright colour scheme, we asked our fabric manufacturers to come up with designs and interpretations on the theme of ‘Postcards from Norfolk’.


They did not disappoint! Within weeks we were poring over ideas and making tiny tweaks until - and this is always a really exciting moment - we saw the first test printing. (It’s called a ‘strike off’ in the trade. You can drop that into conversations to impress your friends).


Confident we had a winner we gave the go ahead for full production.


 postcards from norfolk bedding


The Postcards From Norfolk design has worked brilliantly on duvet sets, throws, curtains, and a cushion.  Plus, now, we’ve added six more cushions to the range, each one featuring a favourite Norfolk spot.


 posttcards from norfolk cushions


Because it’s such a strong design concept we’ve been able to extend the Postcards From Norfolk range into more and more ideas, including mugs, tea towels, coasters, a tea pot stand and a wall canvas.


 postcards from norfolk tea towels


A chopping board and mugs will soon be available too, along with a tote bag which means you can take Postcards From Norfolk out and about with you. (Prepare to be asked - ‘where did you get your bag?’).


Back at home the Postcards From Norfolk fabric and design are an interior design joy. Team them with pale walls and floors, or bare boards, for a beautifully bright and airy look.  Think New England - with a Norfolk twist.


The Norfolk connection is really important to us. We know that you like designs that show the county’s bright beach huts, striped lighthouses and big blue skies. For us, we’re proud to be a Norfolk company and this is a wonderful way of celebrating our relationship with the place we love.


So there it is. Exclusively designed for Aldiss, and providing a breath of fresh air for your interior design, it’s The Postcards From Norfolk Collection.


We’re proud of it. You love it. That’s perfect. Picture perfect!

4th June 2019

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