Fine furniture makes for beautiful bedrooms.

Time was people ate, lived and slept in one space. Then, in the Victorian era, our bedrooms became private places. Not much changed after that for decades.


There was one big shift of course. It’s odd to think now that when Terence Conran introduced us to the duvet - or Continental Quilt as we called it - in the 1970s, it was seen as a revolution. Frankly when you compare it to the back aching drudgery of making up a bed with sheets and blankets it was a revolution. And a welcome one.


Nowadays we can draw on history as well as contemporary design to furnish our bedrooms. We’ve probably never been able to offer so much choice. Take a look.


Let’s start with the Coastal Collection. It’s where you’ll want to start if you’re big on style. This is all about Danish influenced, oak finish, very current, Scandinavian interior furnishing.


 costal bedroom furniture


The slatted bed frame is a key piece in the collection. Available in 3ft, 4ft 6inch and 5ft sizes it features the sort of ‘traditional with a modern twist’ headboard that makes a statement without losing a light and airy feel.


The full hanging wardrobe is an ideal companion to the bed. With its panelled doors and clean lines it defines the look of the entire collection. And it is quite a collection. There are bedside cabinets, chests of drawers, mirrors and a really elegant little dressing table.


In the mid price range the Coastal Collection is an affordable slice of style.


The Hamilton Collection is more related to British design. It absolutely connects with British build quality as well. The solid oak drawer linings make the point.


 hamilton bedroom furniture


The finish is stone grey which, combined with the limed oak surfaces, makes for a  lovely clean, bright, appearance. Chests with a combination of drawer sizes are always useful and the Hamilton ‘3 over 4 drawer’ piece is a particularly interesting take on the idea. Who doesn’t like storage and style together? 


This is solid, well built, furniture but you can easily have several pieces in a bedroom without it feeling crowded thanks to the Hamilton’s  gorgeous light colour.


The same palette is on display in our own Sorrento Bedroom Furniture Range which is available in white or grey. It’s a collection of simple, but sophisticated, pieces including bed frames, cabinets, wardrobes and mirrors. Look out for the blanket box which marries modern storage needs with a nod to traditional tastes.


 sorrento bedroom furniture


If there’s one word that sums up the Sorrento range it’s probably ‘contemporary’. It’s a design idea that’s timeless enough to last, but somehow right on trend for right now.


‘Classic’ is more the word for the Carmen Range. Not just every piece, but every component in every piece, has been created to enhance and emphasise the natural beauty of the wood, and the lines of the design. That’s not to say that the Carmen range does’t offer modern features. Check out the super useful hidden storage drawers in the bed frame.


 carmen bedroom furniture


Combining solid oak and oak veneers Carmen comes towards the top end of the price range. These are investment pieces though and the classic appearance of the wardrobes, chests and dressing table (a timeless knee hole design means you can also use it as a desk) will remain a constant as you change your bedroom colour scheme and decor over time.


You see what we mean about choice? Four completely different bedroom furniture collections - and we have more on line and in store.


That’s a lot to think about. Perhaps you should sleep on it?!

10th June 2019

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