4 Great Dining Room Furniture Collections For Your Home


Your table is ready……..


Few things beat sitting down to a meal as a family or group of friends. It’s convivial. It’s sociable. Which is why a good dining set is an important part of a home.


Yes, we know, it doesn’t happen as often as you’d like. You’ve heard it all. ’They all come and go at different times’….. ‘I can’t prise them away from the telly…’…..’Everybody has smart ‘phones and tablets…’ .


And there’s the classic - ’Families don’t eat like that anymore…..’


Well, as a matter of fact they do. The dining table is rapidly re-establishing itself as central to a modern home. It’s certainly in step with the well-being and mindfulness that we’re seeking to calm down the constant rush of life.  It’s also not unconnected to displaying some style. Dining furniture is a great way to make a statement.


If we’ve noticed one overriding trend it’s probably that lighter woods and colours are the way to go. We have quite a selection of fine dining furniture in stock now and it’s pretty much all in the paler tones.


Light colours don’t automatically light weight. There’s a robust look to a lot of the furniture in demand at the moment. Take the Norfolk Oak Collection for instance. Their extending table and four chairs dining set is an impressive piece of furniture. It’s chunky, solid and has the heft and hue of quality oak. It’s modern, with a nod to a rural tradition. If you like the Norfolk Oak Collection you probably like modern decor. That will work. This table and chairs sits beautifully with current colours.


There are some nice extra pieces in this collection too. The sideboard comes in two sizes and is well worth considering in a dining room design.


 norfolk oak dining furniture


In the same colour palette, but perhaps a shade lighter in weight, comes the Georgia Collection. It’s solid oak, have no doubt about that, but the legs are a bit more tapered, the corners are a bit more rounded. It’s altogether a bit more compact. Which is really rather interesting. It means that if space is an issue then this furniture will be fine. But, if you do have room, then this table and chairs will leave you space to indulge yourself with other pieces from the same collection. You can create the totally co-ordinated dining room or area when you’ve got a choice of matching lamps, coffee tables, bookcases and sideboards.


 Georgia dining room furniture

Let’s look at something in a different finish. The Hamilton Collection.

The stand out feature of this table’s design is the stunning combination of light grey tones and lime washed oak top. Now add the painted crossback dining chairs and you’re starting see some serious style. You want more? Bring in the Lily fully upholstered chair. Place a Lily chair at each end of the Hamilton table and your cooking had better be up to scratch because your dining room is promising a lot!


The Hamilton Collection also offers a choice of sideboards. There’s a large bookcase too. As a colour scheme this collection works equally well when it’s toned in with an on trend pale grey decor, or when set in contrast with more pronounced or vivid walls and carpet. It looks brilliant on a marble floor, or bare boards, too.


 hamilton diningroom furniture


‘Commanding’ that’s the word for the Fairford Collection. If you’re planning the big family get together, this is for you. We’re talking extendable table and the capacity to seat 12. Easily.


Cotswolds farm houses were the inspiration for the Fairford. A clever combination of solid and veneered oak, and a Light Oil finish, have though brought the original idea right up to date. The Fairford Collection is very definitely furniture for 21st century living.


It’s absolutely right for a modern dining room, but we love  the fact that those trestle style table legs, and the bench seats, make this a fantastic set for a family kitchen. If you want to be a bit more formal the Fairford Collection offers both ladder back and upholstered dining chairs.


 fairford dining furniture


So much choice! Dining furniture is so much in demand and we’re delighted to have so many, carefully chosen, ranges to offer you.


Come in and take a look.  Right this way, your table’s waiting……..

24th June 2019

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