Ask The Expert - Bed Buying Guide

For another of our ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions we’ve spent some time talking with our Furniture Adviser, Jon Morgan, about beds and how to buy them.


Jon really is an expert on the subject of beds. Because we know he knows everything we start by asking him the question that most people seem to want answered.


How often do you need to buy a new mattress? 


Jon gives us a knowing smile.  ‘Don’t panic’ he says, adding quickly that ‘many untruths are spoken on this subject’.


He expands on his point. ‘Generally speaking a mattress will last around 8 years, but some manufacturers - ViSpring for instance - offer a lifetime guarantee’.


 Myers Divan Bed Set


But when it comes to choosing a bed the mattress is everything right?


‘It’s important, but it’s just as important that you should never think about a mattress in isolation. A bed is made up of a mattress and a base. The base can wear out too. Even a new mattress in good condition can follow  the weaknesses in a worn out divan base for example. Or the other way round - a badly worn mattress on a new bed base will not be comfortable’. 


So comfort is the really important thing.


‘Absolutely. Comfort is the key factor. Think about it this way. When a bed is worn out, you’ll know, because it’s no longer comfortable’. 





Which means you go out to buy based on comfort?


‘You do. Which is why it’s really important that before you buy a mattress - you try it! Even if family or friends recommend a mattress it’s essential you try it for yourself.  Because we’re all different. We each have a unique back, and you need to know what a mattress feels like for you’.


Isn’t that difficult for a couple?

‘There are ways around that. It’s not really possible in double bed size and smaller - but in king size and bigger there are some options. Some manufacturers do produce mattresses with different tensions for each side - so one half is firm and the other is softer. Or, it’s possible to buy two smaller mattresses, one to suit each partner. Usually they can be zipped together’.


How practical or easy is it to try out a bed’s comfort before you buy?


‘I often say to people if you’re thinking about buying a new bed come in to the store and try them.  If you're a little nervous about trying them out in store, come in the early part of the morning when we tend to be a little quieter.


Hmmm. See what you mean. But you’re ok if we just rock up and stretch out?


‘It’s best if you start by talking to us. I reckon if you talk to us first, for half an hour or so, about how you sleep, and if you like a firm bed or a soft bed, we can probably narrow it down to two or three choices for you’.


Everything has trends Jon. Where’s it at with beds?


‘In mattresses  there is a definite shift towards the pressure relieving style - what’s often called memory foam - or more accurately - visco elastic.


But as to the look I’d have to say that divan style bed bases in neutral colours are what most people want. The neutral colour will work with different decors and that’s important because you’ll almost certainly decorate before you buy another bed.


Also divan bases  take up less room than bed frames so if you're a little tight for space this could be a good option.


It raises the question of storage. Under bed drawers. Your views?


‘They are a great idea. Contrary to some people worrying about it, under bed storage drawers should not weaken a bed if it’s well designed and good quality. There are options now on drawer formats with half size drawers as a feature, which can be really useful’




Good. But we do have quite a bit of stuff to store. We’ve not quite got the decluttering thing sorted yet….


'Sounds like the the Ottoman style bed might be worth investigating for you. That’s where the  top of the base lifts up to reveal a big storage ‘locker’ space underneath. It is proving popular - and useful’.


OK. We’ll tidy our room. Promise. Before we go - one overall tip about buying a bed?


‘It has to be - try it! Come in to the store. Spend time on it. Wear comfortable clothes to make it easier to lay down and give it a while - we all move around in our sleep so allow for that. Talk to us. We’re here to help.


Message received and understood. Thanks Jon.


‘A pleasure’


We were just thinking. The king size over there. Is that free for half an hour………..


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29th August 2019

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