Recliner? Lift and Tilt?

We caught up with Aldiss expert Paul Williams to learn more about what to look for, and how to choose the chair that suits you best.


The people on the Aldiss team are renowned for being full of knowledge and they all make a point of being friendly and open to questions. So we grabbed some time with furniture expert Paul Williams to learn more about the increasingly popular Recliner and Lift & Tilt chairs.


Obviously, our first question was ‘what’s the difference?’


‘Good question’ says Paul. ‘Generally speaking a Recliner will allow your feet to come up and your back to  go down.  A Lift & Tilt will, if it’s a double motor chair, allow you to adjust for your feet and back separately. It will also go all the way up to fully standing, meaning you can walk out of the chair’.


 woburn lift and rise chair

Double motor?


‘Yes, I know, it can be a bit confusing. In fact that’s why it’s important to come in and talk to us. There are also single motor chairs. In a Recliner a single motor means you can put your feet up and your back down. A single motor Lift & Tilt will also lift you to the standing position. The extra versatility of a double motor chair, which does it all, is really good for people who need that extra  bit of care.  Perhaps they have a mobility problem meaning they have to spend long periods seated. Or maybe they’re post operative’.


We’re sensing that there are lots of variants available.


‘There are. It’s amazing how much choice we can offer now. For example, in the very popular Celebrity range we currently have three models on display. But, factor in the variants and it’s actually around sixteen versions to choose from’.


 Celebrity Sommersby lift and rise chair


And that’s just one brand?


‘Yes, and we carry several brands. What’s more I haven’t mentioned that nearly all of the chairs are available in fabric or leather. There’s something else too. You can choose a sofa to go with your chair so that you have a suite. A good Recliner or Lift & Tilt chair can be an integral part of your furnishing plan or ‘look’.


Choice barely describes this!  Let’s get technical for a moment. Have there, for instance, been any advances in design?


‘I think one of the most important advances is in the incredibly high spec foam filling. Again, the Celebrity range scores highly here. This foam makes a real difference to your circulation and posture’.


 lincoln lift and rise chair

So there are health benefits?


‘There are. One huge advantage of Lift & Tilt  chairs is that they give people greater independence, allowing them to stay in their own homes. It’s worth remembering too that if you have a mobility disability you pay no VAT on buying a Lift & Tilt chair’.


We’re seeing the picture more clearly now. A Recliner is great for relaxing. You can put your feet up (literally) and ease back. A Lift & Tilt offers a bit more flexibility and is more suitable if you need that extra bit of care. There’s lots of choice in style and coverings. There are sofas to match. Anything to add Paul?


‘You’ve been listening! That does sum it up very well. This is a product area that’s growing fast in popularity, and the increase in choice is one of the reasons for that.  I’d add two things. Firstly remember that most of these chairs come with a guarantee. Usually it’s up to five years. Secondly, and most importantly, if you’re thinking of buying, come in and talk to us and try out the chairs. It’s vital. We’ve had customers come in to look on behalf of their husband or wife and they’ll say he or she is ‘about five foot eight’. It wasn’t a bad idea to bring a measurement but there are too many variables. We’re all unique. You really do need to come in and sit down!’


Sounds like good advice to us.

29th August 2019

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