How to liven up your living room

Check out these 5 great and very simple ways to update your living room. 

It really is possible to ring the changes and refresh your living room without the cost of redecorating. 

First off, take a step back and consider how things are positioned now. Because a good place to start is our number one idea.  


1. Move your furniture around 

It may seem like the natural order of things but does your sofa really need to be seating with the sole purpose of TV watching? It can be in another position. In fact, does your TV have to be the main point of focus in your room? Maybe the fireplace, or a picture, can be the centerpiece. If your room is small, and space is at a premium, try moving sofas and chairs away from the walls. Even just a small gap can create some ‘air’ and give your room and your furniture the space to breathe. 

savannah sofa

If you have some space to work with try grouping a couple of chairs together in a corner. It’s sometimes called ‘creating a zone’. Two armchairs can make a great reading area for example. It works really well if you add a practical and stylish table lamp. 


2. Lighting can make a huge difference 

A reading lamp is one great idea, but a bit of thought can produce several light bulb moments. Standard lamps are great for both the light they provide and the style they add to a room. Smaller lamps placed around the room can be used in the same way. They provide separate pools of softer light, as well as being a great accessory in themselves. Mixing and matching lampshades and lamp bases is a brilliant way of changing the look. Think too about your overall colour schemes. For instance you can make a lamp tone into your decor or, alternatively, stand out from it in sharp contrast. If softer lighting is your thing you should consider wall lights. Or, and this is in totally different territory, go for a statement ceiling light fixture. Make it big. Make it bold. There’s a huge choice in lighting right now.  

grey etched table lamp


3. Update your cushions and throws 

The clever thing about cushions and throws is this; they are so easy and so effective. You can add a blast of colour and contrast, or introduce a theme and tone by simply adding these often inexpensive pieces to your existing decor and furnishing. Plain or patterned, subtle or striking, muted or magnificent - the choice is massive. Check out collections from Sanderson, Ted Baker and Angel Strawbridge. Style aside there’s a practical benefit too. Cushions and throws are great for making somewhere to sit that extra bit cosier. 

The Chateau cushion 

4. Add a pop of colour with a statement chair 

Somewhere to sit can be a statement in itself.  Try a boldly patterned or strikingly designed chair. It can be a focal point. It can be fun. It can be a fantastic way to bring a room to life. It can also be fabulously comfortable of course. The key point is that a single chair is a great stand out item. It doesn’t have to be themed or toned into your lounge suite or sofa. Quite the contrary. Make it different. The more so the better. Your room will have the look of a home that’s been lovingly curated and collected.   

poppy tub chair

5Add a rug - great for a room  

Adding a rug is in the same set of rules as cushions and throws. It’s an extra design touch that can match or contrast - it’s up to you. Placed in the centre of a room it becomes both practical and eye-catching. You can put a rug on to bare floorboards for a timelessly elegant look. It’s equally effective on top of carpet where an extra layer of colour and texture works really well. Mastercraft have a huge selection from the traditional to the contemporary. 


gallaria rug

You can try any or all these five ideas. Have fun with them. Change some touches depending on the season - bright and airy accessories in summer, cosy and warm for winter. They’re detail touches but they can make a world of difference in livening up your room. 

17th January 2020

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