7 things to consider when buying a new sofa

With so many options out there, choosing the right sofa is often easier said than done.
Whether you're a young couple furnishing your first home, a busy family of four, or a retired couple, looking to sink into something cosy, it’simportant to consider these few things before buying your sofa:
1) How you intend to use it
First, consider how you intend to use your new sofa.
A sofa for a living room may be used for relaxation, and thereforeyou should choose one that’ssoft and squishy – perfect for lounging on after a long day.
However, you may value functionality over comfort when choosing a sofa bed. It’s unlikely that many people will siton this sofa, as it will be mostly used as a bed when you need to accommodate guests.
2)The space you have
There’s nothing worse than getting your sofa or chair home and realising that it’s not going to fit a scene from ‘Friends’ springs to mind...
Measure the area you plan to put your sofa in and check the measurements of the sofa itself before buying to make sure you don’t get a nasty surprise when you arrive home.
3) Sofa shape
There are a myriad of sofa configurations to choose from – the one you go for will most likely depend on the size and shape of the room it’s going in, and of course, how you wish to use it. 
For example, you can choose from a snugglerchair, three-seater sofa, corner sofa, or even asimple armchair.
4) Your personal style
Again, this may differ depending on which room you’re putting your new sofa in, but ultimately, finding a sofa that projects your personality is just as important as ensuring it’s practical for itsintended use.
We stock a varying range of products – everything from classic and traditional, to clean and contemporary sofas. You’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you.
5) Which brand?
We work with a variety of trusted, high-quality manufacturers. Our furniture buying director takes care to choose only the best sofas from top manufacturers for our stores.
We stock brands such as Alexander & James, Celebrity, G-Plan and La-Z-Boy. Plus, we are the leading suppliers of Parker Knoll and Ercol in Norfolk.
6) Quality matters
Two sofas can be similar in look, but worlds apart in quality, so it’s important to double-check you’re getting value for money.
Look closely at a sofa’s frame, cushion filling and upholstery – these are key factors that’ll determine its quality.
There are four main options when it comes to cushion filling: fibre, foam, a mix of both, and feather.
Fibre interiors make for a very comfy sofa, but they’re soft, and after five years’ good use, the sofa cushions will start to look floppy. Foam interiors are hardier and hold their shape for up to 10, or even 15 years, but you don’t get the same ‘sinking in’ feeling.
A mix of feather and fibregives you the best of both worlds: durable and hard-wearing, but still reasonably squishy. A sofa with feather interiors is the ultimate luxury, although the cushions will still require extra plumping to keep their shape.
When it comes to fabrics, it’s important to recognise that they can massively differ in quality.Velvet is a good example of this: you can get quite cheap velvet, but it can also be rather deluxe. It’s a case of looking a bit closer to tell the two apart.
7) Your budget
No-one likes to think about this side of things, but unfortunately the price you’re willing to pay is something to take into account.
It might be helpful to know that weoffer up to two years’ finance on all sofas and chairs, and this can be paid off as quickly or slowly as you like, allowing you to spread the cost.
Although an additional spend, we can also supply you with stain guard, which is a five-year warrant(on top of the warranty that comes with the sofa) to protect your sofa against accidental damage. This can be something like a stain caused by a pet or child, or an accident that resulted in a broken frame. This may lengthen the use you can get out of your sofa, increasing its value for money.
For help purchasing your sofa, book a video or telephone call with a member of our team. Check out our 360° tours to get a better look at the sofas we offer. 
Contact us in Fakenham on 01328 862381,or Norwich on 01603 272100, or emailenquiries@aldiss.comfor more information.

19th February 2021

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