I love an excuse to get cooking, and outdoors is definitely calling – there’s something definitely different about eating outside.

We love a barbecue and I quite fancy turning my hand to something a bit more elaborate, so this is going to be the year I make the garden more dining friendly and build myself a fire pit barbecue.


I can just smell the chicken cooking, we’ll have plenty of picnic rugs and chairs, grab ourselves some colourful picnicware and we’ll be ready. The children love getting involved, so I’ll give them a collection of bowls to fill with different salads and bread, relishes and crisps. They don’t need asking twice, and they’ll take control of the ice-cream later too!

My wife will invite friends and neighbours and I know our afternoon barbecue will stretch into the evening. The garden will be filled with the sound of laughter and happy stories.

Brendan – Aldiss Editor


8th April 2016

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