3 ways to transition your home décor from summer to autumn

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to give your interiors a makeover, especially when moving from the bright and fresh styles of summer to the warm and welcoming trends of autumn. 
Here are three easy ways to transition your home décor with the seasons: 


1)    Change your colour schemes

One of the simplest ways to revamp your living space is by updating the colour scheme. 
Summer shades are vibrant and bold, with the trend of nature-inspired designs, particularly jungle and floral prints, remaining a firm favourite throughout 2022. For Autumn, colour palettes become muted and warm. Cream, beige and terracotta home accessories will be particularly prominent this autumn, as seen in the new Denby Kiln collection with its white, oatmeal and grey hues. Introducing accents with small items like dinnerware can help you subtly transform your home’s style. 
Green and blue are timeless choices for furnishings and accessories but we’ll see more toned-down shades becoming popular as autumn approaches. Earthy greens like olive, sage and moss and smoky blues can be used to create a cosy and calm environment, ideal for the colder months, with touches of rose and blush pink complementing these palettes perfectly. 


2)    Introduce new accessories 

Adding a few new accessories is another easy way to refresh your rooms without doing a complete refurbishment.
The rattan-style that has been popular with outdoor furniture this summer also works well indoors, giving your home a fresh, contemporary feel. Using woven, wicker and wood materials on cabinet doors, side tables and headboards, is a great way to bring the outdoors in during the colder months when we’ll be spending more time indoors.
If you want to create a timeless interior style that looks great year-round, try mixing a variety of tones, textures and materials. Choosing accessories in natural materials like bamboo, porcelain, wool and dried flowers can add interesting focal points and introduce a soft warmth to your rooms. 
Comfortable fabrics are also a must-have for when the temperature drops – adding textured throws, cushions and rugs can be a quick and cost-effective way to make the place feel snug. 



3)    Swap your bedding 

Your bed should be a top priority when updating your home. After all, we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s worth paying it some attention. 
At Aldiss, we stock a range of seasonal bedding collections, with bright colours and playful floral designs for the summer and subtle, homey collections for the autumn. 

Swapping your bedding as the seasons change can also improve your quality of sleep. During the summer, lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen sheets with a 4.5 tog duvet can help to keep you cool at night. For later in the year, change to warmer brushed cottons with high thread count sheets and a 10.5 tog duvet for added warmth. A mattress topper can also provide extra comfort and insulation.
Autumn is also a great opportunity to get creative with layering – adding pillows, blankets and a comforter will create a bed that you’ll want to jump into at the end of the day.

Browse the homeware collections at the Aldiss stores in Norwich and Fakenham. 

Posted by Alex Dagg 27th July 2022

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