3 must-have kitchen furnishings for a well-organised space



How can you design a kitchen that makes cooking stress-free, family meals an enjoyable experience, and working from home a breeze?  

Our new Chatsworth oak range can help you build the kitchen of your dreams, without needing to rely on fitted furniture or invest in costly renovation. 

Each piece is finished in a sleek matte grey, topped with solid oak and fitted with brushed metal cup handles, for a sophisticated look that helps you create a seamless kitchen design. Mix and match items from the collection to build a layout that works for you and suits your routine. 

To help you get your kitchen revamp underway, furniture buying director Vicky Jackson shares her top three favourite kitchen pieces from the Chatsworth collection.

1.    Freestanding kitchen units

The benefit of freestanding furniture is that it’s not fixed to your floor or wall, and can be moved into any position, giving you greater design freedom.

Both the Chatsworth oak double utility unit and the larder unit provide ample storage to hold all your pots, pans, linens, and ingredients. 

The best way to create an inviting and relaxing kitchen is to avoid clutter building up on your worktops, and investing in units and cabinets can help you achieve this. 


2.    A stunning kitchen island 

Available in both large and small sizes, the freestanding islands featured in the Chatsworth collection are key to creating a multi-functional and practical kitchen. 

The natural oak top will bring warmth to your room’s décor, and provides additional countertop space to use when cooking, dining, and hosting. It’s also a great workspace for catching up on emails. 


3. An exquisite place to store drinks and glassware

Any good host will have drinks ready to go whenever their guests arrive. Explore the Chatsworth Oak range and discover timeless sideboards and display cabinets, that are the ideal place to store drinks, glassware and cocktail paraphernalia so you can whip up a drink quickly and efficiently. 

For any budding wine enthusiast, these pieces will provide the perfect space to safely store your collection, where it’s within easy reach, and can become a focal point of your room. 

You can also explore our extensive homeware collection to find everything you need for a fully functional kitchen that you’ll look to cook, eat and kick back in. 

Explore our website to discover more must-have items for your kitchen from the Chatsworth oak range.

Posted by Alex Dagg 21st February 2023

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