Top tips on how to choose the best colour scheme for your home 

We reveal the best-kept decorating secrets to help you create a relaxing and refreshing interior, which starts with picking the right colour palette. 

Below, Aldiss trading director, Tina Barkway shares the colour trend that’s rocking homes in 2023, and our buying director, Victoria Jackson, discloses the furnishings you need to transform your living spaces.


Tip 1: Get inspired 

Explore Instagram or Pinterest to help you create a moodboard of images and looks you love. You may be inspired by a particular work of art, a piece of furniture you adore or even a place you’ve visited that holds a special memory. 

This will help you select a cohesive colour pattern and provide a jumping-off point as you begin to shop for furniture, accessories and paint for the room you plan to re-decorate. 

Planning is key, as this is essential for creating a seamless look, can help you avoid mistakes and will make the other steps in your renovation journey easier. 


Tip 2: Use colour psychology 

The colours you choose will affect more than just the look of a room – they can also play an important role in setting the mood and ambience of your home. Colour psychology analyses the way certain shades can make us feel so you can perfectly design a room to match your needs – whether that is to create a calm space or an invigorating one. 

We’re observing a rising trend in the number of people selecting a green, cream and white colour palette. The colour green evokes connotations of safety, healing and nature. It can, therefore, have a positive and soothing impact on our mood. It’s the perfect shade for creating a home interior that’s relaxing, inviting and refreshing. 


Tip 3: Apply the 60 30 10 rules when picking colours 

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to solve a math equation – this is a simple, tried-and-tested method you can apply to any room when decorating to ensure a coordinated design.  To avoid a space becoming overcrowded, it’s best to use no more than three colours in any one area, including walls, floors, surfaces, furniture and decorations.  Once you have your three colours, you can apply the 60 30 10 rule to determine how to use them in the room. Select one shade to be main your main colour – this will cover roughly 60 per cent of the items in the room. The second hue will act as a complementary tone and should be used more sparingly (for approximately 30 per cent of the items in the space), perhaps as a feature wall or for other key items of furniture. The third is to be used as an accent colour and is best reserved for smaller items or accessories (for roughly 10 per cent of pieces in the space) to add contrast and depth.  If you plan to use the colour green in various settings within the home, some pigments it pairs well with are white, cream, bold red, pastel pink and faded grey. 


Tip 4: Select stylish furniture to transform your interior 

Once you’ve decided on a colour palette, you can begin searching for the perfect pieces of furniture to recreate the look in your home, and design a functional and sleek living space, ideal for your family’s routine.  At Aldiss, we offer a wide range of furniture for areas of the home, especially for those interested in ‘going green’.  In your dining room or kitchen, selecting green-toned dinnerware and storage containers is the best way to recreate this interior design trend. You can make open-plan spaces and living areas cosy with plush armchairs, soft linens and ornaments. This is a quick and easy way to introduce green tones into the space and revamp the room. Why not purchase a green bedding set for your boudoir? You'll find an array of nature-inspired designs in our bedroom collection. For your ensuite, bathroom or wet room, work in a splash of colour by purchasing towels, candles and accessories in your preferred shade.  Finally, to really bring your home to life and create the tranquil space you want, select several artificial plants and flowers to place throughout your home. It will help you bring the outdoors in, but as they are artificial, they will be much easier to care for and can be placed anywhere without needing to worry about sunlight exposure.  Explore our website to view our full homeware and furniture collection and discover more gorgeous green items that can transform your home.   

Posted by Alex Dagg 1st May 2023

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