The kitchen is the busiest room in the house; it witnesses a constant stream of activity, from breakfast to midnight snacks! The kitchen contains large amounts of tools and equipment, and day-to-day use takes its toll: plates get chipped, forks get lost, electric kettles cease to function, glasses get broken, etc. Not surprisingly, the need to update the kitchen is felt in most homes; the satisfaction of giving the kitchen a boost often requires nothing more than the acquisition of some small appliances and accessories.


Replacing that chipped plate is no problem. Aldiss has an enormous selection of plates: dinner plates, dessert plates, side plates, pastry plates, and more! In many shapes and sizes: large, small, square, rectangular, long, flat, deep, and yes, also round! Styles go from classic white to fancy edgings to colourful and decorative, such as the Kyoto motif with pretty flowers and peacocks. The Imperial Blue line is striking.

blue denby tableware

Kitchen electrical

Small appliances often need replacing; especially kettles and toasters which suffer lots of wear and tear. Aldiss offers a wide selection, plus other useful appliances such as coffee makers, electric grills, blenders, juicers, bread machines, microwaves, soup makers, fryers, steamers, popcorn makers and more besides.

coffee machine


Delicious things come out of the oven, with the help of inspiring bakeware! A good way to stimulate creativity in the kitchen is to invest in new bakeware. Just the newness of it leads you to experiment. Pies with new shapes, cakes of creamy creativity, steaming roasts on sparkling new oven trays inspire requests for seconds.

denby bakeware


Aldiss specialises in all types of bakeware. Cake tins are square, long or round, shallow or deep, or flan tins with scalloped edges. Muffin tins, brownie pans, sandwich pans, Christmas moulds, springform pans, loaf tins and individual pie tins are available in various depths and dimensions.


27th October 2015

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