Interior Design Trends for Autumn

This week’s guest blog is from Nanci Gillett of Burhnham Interiors

As the weather changes and we begin to spend more time inside, the interior design enthusiasts amongst us are looking at the small touches we can make to our homes to get it in line with the latest trends for Autumn.

If you’re looking to change things up a little for autumn/winter 2013; here are some top trends to get you thinking.

Wood burning stoves

These have been around for a while now, but are never far from the pages of our glossy interiors magazines. Stoves make your home look and feel warm, as well as standing out as a statement piece.

Preppy menswear

It’s not just men’s clothes which have gone all tailored and preppy over the last few years; we’re also seeing a shift into interior design too. It’s all tailored upholstery, metal accents and preppy patterns.

Faces and cameos

This is a trend we’ve seen creeping in for a few months now, but is set to be bigger than ever for autumn/winter 2013. You’ll see everything from chairs to accessories, even tables taking on a new persona.

Upcycled furniture

We all know how much of a hit shabby chick has been in the last few years, and upcycled furniture plays on that style, but with a new modern twist.  Rather than keeping furniture looking old and vintage, upcycled gives it a new lease of life.  Think classic wooden sideboards painted with a whole host of bright colours.


Classic monochrome black and white is here to stay.  They’ve always gone together and are here to stay for a long time.  This colour combination is a timeless style that leaves room for fun design experiments.


Metals such as gold and brass are stealing the spotlight from silver.  Designers love how these metallic’s ooze warmth and pair well with almost any colour.  To really make a statement in your home why not go for gold finishes on your furniture.  Bang on trend for the new season.  With its rich gleam and weight, this metal is experiencing a come back.  With a lot of designers looking to the 70’s, it’s inevitable that brass, bronze and gold will show up more.


Emerald is the Colour of the Year for 2013, but we’re seeing all shades of greens and expect more to come, from bright spring greens to olives and especially lots of different blue-greens and teal.  If a green accent wall intimidates you, go for more subtle touches that incorporate the shade into a larger design, such as an area rug.

Embellished walls

It is expected that this already strong trend will continue.  There are limitless options from simple grass cloths to hand-painted papers.


Your grandmother’s tablecloth is now hip.  Already big in fashion, lace is showing up in the home collections of many high street brands.  We will see more of this trend from cushions to curtains.


Neutrals rule in the sitting room.  A variety of shades of cream, off-white and beige in a variety of textures create calm settings.

Elegant, graceful design

Enough with the plain.  People want pretty and there will be a surge in the demand for classic fabrics.

Homey Kitchens

We’re moving toward a look with warm, modern materials that look vintange: slate, irregular floors, weathered concrete, natural crackle-glazed tiles that look handmade.


High gloss! Shine! Polish! Lacquer!


We will be focusing on art as it is so much more approachable these days, with art fairs popping up everywhere.

Antique furniture

People will be looking at period furniture again – beautiful old pieces to mix with modern ones.


If you are not ready to commit to a room totally coloured blue then try a small pop of blue such as a lovely lacquered blue chest of drawers.

Great American Design

It’s clear from the cinemas that the 1920’s are making a comeback.  We will see a resurgence of the 20’s art deco in homes, influencing everything from walls to furniture.

Raw Style

Exposed elements in architecture and furniture are not to be missed.  Surfaces made of stone and wood that show off natural grains help bring the rustic look of the outdoors into the modern home. Unadorned wood pieces that have a natural beauty and elegance are sneaking into chic houses.  Add neutral accents to give the space a cohesive, tranquil look.

Mix up texture

For an easy way to make over a room, bring together a collection of diverse textures:  Grasscloth on walls, stone tables and a patterned rug work together to create a rich, layered interior.


Vivid patterns have been springing up on walls, floors and accessories and will continue to make their way into 2014.  Stripes are particularly popular.

28th August 2013

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