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So, your A-Level results are in, you got the points you needed and you’re off to Uni!

As well as a lot of studying (ahem) there will also be a LOT of partying and one thing is for sure that in-between all the fun and socialising your room will become your haven.  So we’ve come up with some low price, practical items and tips to help you create your home away from home at Uni.



Your room will be quite plainly decorated at univesity and maybe pre-used… so choosing nice, new bedding is your chance to make your mark and freshen things up!

Tip: Buy two sets of bed covers, one for the bed and the other for the laundry.

Tip: Although it may not be, a quilted protector can make your mattress feel like new.

Choose a mattress protector or mattress topper for which ever size your bed is. 



Add textures and added warmth with the addition of a throw in your room. Cosy up on cooler nights.

Tip:  The best single item you can have, it provides extra warmth while sitting, it can brighten up dull furniture and spread on the bed to give extra warmth at night.




Tip: Another essential item to brighten up your room and help it feel more like home.



Desk Lamp

When that essay is on deadline and you are working into the night to get it finished a desk lamp will be essential to keep you focussed.

Tip: Remember to take a couple of spare bulbs with you too!


mustard desk lamp 



What can we say! A pretty essential item if, you’re planning on washing!

bright towels at aldiss



If you are not in halls that are catered you will, in-between the takeaways, want to cook a meal occasionally (honestly!), especially a home comfort like Spag Bol.

Tip: You can buy pans in sets of 3, 5’s or more but a frying pan and 16cm saucepan with a draining lid are all you really need for the occasional Master Chef session to impress your new friends!

Our Cook, Wine and Dine pans are just £11.25 each and are suitable for all hobs including induction!


prestige sauce pans



A real student essential. Money will be tight so having a couple of drinks with your new room mates before you go out will make your partying budget go further.

Tip: We sell all styles of glasses but we find the most popular bought by students is the long drink or tumbler – possibly because as having a wine glass full of beer is not as good as a beer glass full of wine…



Toastie Maker

Never underestimate the power of a toastie to provide a warm, nourishing snack at the end of a night out or to perk you back up for brekkie the morning after.

Tip: You can also use up slices of bread that are a little too dry for a conventional sandwich. Making you food budget go further



Forks for Pot Noodles, Knives for buttering toast, small spoon for stirring tea and you’e all set!

Tip: A set of cutlery will see you through but where do all those tea spoons go?!? You can buy extra spoon from Aldiss for as little as 99p for 6.

judge cutlery set


And don’t forget…

Can Opener 

Alarm clock 

We think that’s got your home essentials covered. Don’t forget your pens, pencils & notebooks – or laptop! Have a great time and enjoy your adventure!

17th August 2014

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