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Mal Harradine

Juicing is a tasty and easy way to get your five a day,

says TV presenter and food writer Mal Harradine.


The days of twisting half an orange on a plastic juicer and being rewarded with a thimble full of juice for all your efforts have thankfully long gone.

The new generation of electric juicers whizz up delicious concoctions in seconds with little mess – and the machines are easy to clean.

Tower Vitablend in Cream

With more and more emphasis being placed on healthy eating, juicing is an easy way to help you get your five a day, plus, you know exactly what is going in – just pure, fresh ingredients and only natural sugars.

There are many juicers available, so the key is to decide on your budget and what you need from your machine before you go shopping.

Mal’s Tips

1.  Encourage children to make their own concoctions and they will soon be eating fruit and vegetables they might not touch otherwise.

2.  Leave the skins on your fruit and veggies where you can, as this is where many of the important nutrients are contained.

3.  Experiment with different combinations and find your favourites – you will be amazed at what tastes good.

Iced carrot & apple juice

For a refreshing drink packed full of vitamins and goodness, pour the juice over ice cubes or put in the juice and take to school, work or the gym so it’s still chilled when you are ready to drink!

3 carrots, washed

2 apples

1 orange, peeled

Ice cubes

26th March 2015

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