Are they getting ready to go to University?

We suggest you do some studying!


Someone in the family about to go to university? You’ll doubtless want to help (like you’ll have a choice!) but before they set off for their studies we think it will be worth your while studying this!

Let’s face it, they’re going to need pretty much everything. But, buy them the wrong things and, well, whatever successes they go on to, you will have failed. Sorry. But there it is.

We’ve got just the right things for the new student, and we can help you score maximum marks with these great products.  We see them as some ‘good buys’ before you say your ‘goodbyes’.

Let’s start with some basics. The bedding. Keep it simple. You will not be thanked for Super Hero, or My Little Pony, sheets. It’s not going to work. Instead, take a look at our  Belledorm Plain Dyed Range. Stylish, practical and hardly ever needing ironing they’re ideal. They have a 7 year guarantee, which we think is long enough to stay the course, if you see what we mean.


For something with a dash more colour there’s the Helena Springfield Roxy bedding range. Stylish stripes on one side, slightly quirky design on the reverse - a great choice of duvet cover. With prices from £14.99 they’re great value too.

 roxy duvet set

Pillows of course are vital. Essential for resting the head that’s exhausted from studying, or pulling over the head on ‘other’ occasions.  It’s a good idea to get Anti Allergy ones. The Fogarty range is fully machine washable (could be useful!) and has a soft, light polyester filling. They’re also anti house dustmite and anti - allergenic.

Right. Time to get up. Put the kettle on. At under £20 the Russell Hobbs Cambridge Stainless Steel Kettle is perfect. Rapid boil, easy pour and integrated cord storage - it fits the bill.

 russel hobbs kettle

With tea comes toast. We have a great range of toasters. Try the Breville brand. Or, you could gain extra marks by providing a Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster. Now there’s an idea for fast, cheap snacks.

 russel hobbs sandwich toaster

Let’s not get too adventurous, but saucepans and such are going to be needed. We venture to suggest that the Chefs Companion pans would be fit for purpose. Suitable for all hobs and with a stay cool handle they also feature that extremely important benefit for those who are away from home for the first time - they’re non stick.

But don’t be too pessimistic about the new student’s abilities. Perhaps equipping them with some Chefmate Cuisine Baking Tins would simultaneously demonstrate your faith in the new student, and maybe silently suggest that they might at some point, like, cook something? It’s worth a try at under a fiver a tin.

Utensils. You’ll score some real credibility by providing a bottle opener. We have one in our Brabantia range of utensils. They won’t need the full range, but come on - a can opener, some scissors - oh and a pot scraper (!) - at around £6 or £7 an item it’s for the best isn’t it?

When it comes to crockery and cutlery we’d suggest you adopt the same strategy as we recommend for bedding. Keep it simple. You’ll find it hard to beat the Denby James Martin range of mugs, plates and dinner sets. They’re good quality, absolutely stylish in shape and seriously cool in plain white. Have a look. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices.  And - this is important - they’re suitable for the microwave. Just saying.

Plain white crockery does need a bit of colour to complement it and our Kaleidoscope 24 piece cutlery sets do just that. Very modern. Very functional.

kaleidoscope cutlery set

Glasses are going to be important. Really important. (Don’t worry. It will be fine). Stolze Revolution are great. And they’re great value too at £12.99 for 6 tumblers or long glasses.

Please believe us. There will be some washing up done. Occasionally. And here’s another area where you could fail so badly if you get it wrong. Souvenir and pictorial tea towels are probably not going to wash. Or dry, but you get the point. Go for straightforward Mono Check Tea Towels. Trust us.

And so we come to the bathroom. Christy is our brand of choice - although we have a huge selection to choose from. Bath towels and bath mats are a sort of essential but they’re a great way of adding a personal touch too.

                       christy towels         pink christy towel    

And what better personal touch for a student room, or good buy to say goodbye, than a lamp?  Take a look at the Chiltern Table Lamp. It’s just under 25 quid. You know they’re worth it.

That completes your teaching notes. If you’ve paid attention and do your homework we’re certain you’ll achieve great results.

There is though one other master stroke if you want to get up to genius level. Why worry about cramming everything into the car when you can order all the items you want from us - and have them sent to direct to the university!


Now that’s really clever isn’t it? Well done. Top marks!

8th August 2017

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