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Dunlopillo Hybrid Den MattressDunlopillo Hybrid Den Mattress
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Dunlopillo Hybrid Den Mattress
The Dunlopillo Hybrid Den mattress has 1090 pocket springs as well as a deep layer of natural Dunlopillo latex. These pocket springs work in conjunction with the latex, offering support as well as superior comfort. The springs move up and down like pistons, carefully and precisely moulding to the contours of the body, giving support and comfort equally as well as encouraging better posture. The springs...
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Dunlopillo Hybrid Lair MattressDunlopillo Hybrid Lair Mattress
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Dunlopillo Hybrid Lair Mattress
The Dunlopillo Hybrid Lair mattress has a very supportive pocket spring unit as well as a luxurious latex layer, featuring 1190 individual pocket springs. Each spring moves up and down like a piston as weight is applied. As the springs are sat within their own fabric 'pocket', they don?t interfere with one another, making the support very accurate and precise. The result is contour hugging support...
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Dunlopillo Hybrid Pad MattressDunlopillo Hybrid Pad Mattress
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Dunlopillo Hybrid Pad Mattress
The Dunlopillo Hybrid Pad mattress combines pocket springs with a luxurious layer of Latex to create a super supportive and comfortable mattress. The pocket springs move independently to contour to your body to provide maximum support in the areas you need it most helping to improve posture and relieve aches and pains caused by pressure points formed during your sleep. Latex is a naturally elastic...
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