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It is commonly said that we don't need a few people being environmentally minded perfectly, we need everyone doing what they can. 

As awareness of environmental issues grow and the need to slow climate change increases we are all looking at ways to make small changes that together will make a big impact. 

Reducing plastic, energy, food consumption are among the top priorities of most households. 

Switching off lights and appliances, reducing food waste and not using single use plastics where possible are all positives ways we can help. 

We have put together some ideas to help you get started on your journey...

At Aldiss we have made the following steps to help:

We offer battery and Brita filter recycling, within the cookshop department of both our stores. 

We offer our customers WEEE recycling allowing you to recycle your old/ broken small appliances. Click here for more detail >  

We regularly send left over samples/ useful shop displays & supplies etc to local schools / nurseries and the scrap box scheme based in Reepham. 

Our office staff have access and are encouraged to recycle alongside our standard store recycling. 

We recycle all ink toners and cartridges used within our admin department. 

We recycle as much cardboard and plastic wrap as possible and reusep packeging to send online orders.

Our restaurants are largely supplied by locally produced foods, this includes eggs, cakes, bread, meat etc. We try to use glass bottles over plastic within our restaurants. 


Food Storage

One of the best steps every household can take is to reduce food waste. About a third of all food produced is wasted. It takes, water, labour, land to produce this food, this includes 100 million pints of milk and 50 million chickens that are simply thrown away. A simple change we can all make is to plan meals, cook to portion sizes, store food well and use our leftovers. Not only are you helping the environment but it will save money on your weekly shop. Here are some of our favorite food storage containers to help you on your way...

Sustainable products

More and more company's looking to recycled materials and one of our favorite initiatives is from Lifestyle Garden. DuraOcean® Chairs are a shining example of their commitment to sustainable development practices, manufactured from 100% recycled plastics recovered from the ocean.

See the full story here>> 


Water bottles

We all now know the impact that products such as single use water bottles, straws and bags have upon our oceans. Awareness is growing and with it solutions. Its estimated that 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill and incinerators every day, 22 billion a year. A simple swap is to have a reusable water bottle. Airports, cafes and town centers are becoming increasingly equip to allow you to refill these when out and about with many places happy for you to bring your own cup for hot drinks. Here is our selection of hot and cold drinks bottles...

Eco home ideas...