Ercol Corso

Ercol Corso BenchErcol Corso Bench
Ercol Corso Bench
RRP £645.00 Our Price from £515
The Ercol Corso Bench is a versatile contemporary addition to our Ercol Collection. This versatile bench does not take up much space, but offers ample seating space for two to three people (or more children) at a time. The unique bench complements the Ercol Corso Dining Table and provides a wholly organic yet luxurious ambience to your dining room. Additionally, due to its unique and adaptable look, the Ercol Corso Bench can also become part of your hallway or provide some chic additional seating in the bedroom at the foot of a bed. The bench can be purchased with or without a fixed cushioned pad in various fabrics from the Ercol Collection. The colour and finish of the bench are also highly customisable, as Aldiss offers the item in a wide range of finishes. For added comfort and a truly unique touch, the bench can include a fixed upholstered seating pad available in a range of different fabrics from the Ercol Collection.
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Ercol Corso Large BenchErcol Corso Large Bench
Ercol Corso Large Bench
RRP £695.00 Our Price from £555
The Ercol Corso Large Bench is a functional and modern addition to our Ercol Collection. Although it offers a compact design, this item provides enough seats for two to three people (or more children) at once. Made from solid ash and crafted with smooth curved edges, this bench offers a modern yet functional addition to any space. This one-of-a-kind seat is ideally made to go with the Ercol Corso Dining Table, helping to give your dining area a completely organic but opulent feel. Offering a stylish alternative to a settee in your bedroom for extra lounging space, the Ercol Corso Bench may also become part of your bedrooms or hallways thanks to its distinctively versatile design. The bench can be ordered in a variety of fabrics from the Ercol Collection with or without a fixed foam pad. As Aldiss provides the item in various finishes, the bench's colour and finish can be altered depending on your personal style.
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Ercol Corso Large dining tableErcol Corso Large dining table
Ercol Corso Large dining table
RRP £1915.00 Our Price £1,529
This Ercol Corso Large Dining Table is a larger-sized table option that has been added to our Ercol collection, which is ideal for any modern house with an open-plan layout and large dining spaces. The surface, made from textured, solid ash wood, beautifully highlights the table's innate beauty. The Originals plank table influenced this sleek design. The table features smooth, seamless curves that add to its clean-lined silhouette. The Large Corso Dining Table is multipurpose and can also provide a workstation in offices that follow a clean, organic look. This dining table is ideal for regular or everyday usage and can be easily paired with the Lara chair or Ercol Corso bench. Customisation is also an option, as Aldiss offers a range of light and dark finishes for the ash wood table that can beautifully showcase the unaltered beauty of solid ash grain.
Ercol Corso Medium Dining TableErcol Corso Medium Dining Table
Ercol Corso Medium Dining Table
RRP £1615.00 Our Price £1,289
The new Ercol Corso Medium Dining Table provides a smooth flatbed laid on top of uniquely crafted A-shaped legs for optimal support. It is long enough to accommodate six to eight people easily and was inspired by the traditional Plank table from our Ercol Collection. Whether used for dining, working or relaxing, the Corso Medium Dining table will add a clean, modern look to your dining space and enhance its beauty with its minimalistic presence. The height and width of the table ensure a comfortable dining experience with your friends and family. The solid ash top and leg assemblies are constructed around a sturdy comb joint to make it last for a lifetime. Customers can choose from several different light and dark varnishes that can further highlight the solid ash grain's beauty. These are available in addition to our normal ash finishes, making the table completely customisable to fit into any theme and your personal style.
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