Ercol Ginosa

Ercol Ginosa ReclinerErcol Ginosa Recliner
Ercol Ginosa Recliner
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Emerse your in unparalleled comfort with the Ercol Ginosa Recliner. Thanks to its remarkably designed curves and angles, this recliner chair is ideal for supporting each and every part of your body. The back gently leans rearwards to promote a state of blissful relaxation. Simultaneously, the footrest motions forwards, making it easy to take on a restful position. This reclining seat is available in a selection of colours and materials. The leather option is easy to clean while looking sleek. The fabric selections are also simple to maintain but provide a slightly more understated image. With its solid oak frame, it naturally combines a modern design with traditional hues.
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The Ginosa collection by Ercol features a modern recliner with integrated head and footrests, adhering to Ercol's design principles with its exposed solid-oak arm frame detail. Suitable for both the living room and study, the Ginosa recliner is available in soft leather or a selection of beautiful fabrics, offering both comfort and style.