Ercol Ginosa

Ercol Ginosa ReclinerErcol Ginosa Recliner
Ercol Ginosa Recliner
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Enjoy unparalleled comfort with the Ercol Ginosa Recliner. Thanks to its intricately designed curves and angles, this recliner chair is perfect for supporting every area of the body. The back gently leans rearwards to promote a state of relaxation. Simultaneously, the footrest moves forwards, making it easy to adopt a restful position. This recliner chair is sumptuously comfortable. The fixed cushions remain firmly in place, providing a secure space for getting a few moments of respite. Thanks to the manual recline function, it's easy to adjust to individual requirements. With a solid base, it remains secure on all floor types. This reclining seat is available in a selection of colours and materials. The leather option is easy to clean while looking sleek. The fabric selections are also simple to maintain but provide a slightly more understated image. With its solid oak frame, it naturally combines a modern design with traditional hues.
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