Ercol Heritage

Ercol Heritage ChairErcol Heritage Chair
Ercol Heritage Chair
RRP £380.00 Our Price £299
Make any dining space design feel sleek with the Ercol Heritage Chair. The curved back adds a subtle touch of elegance and offers support. Two finishes are available: solid black or a natural finish. When the chair is used to form a dining set, choosing a blend of the two finishes achieves a voguish look. This dining chair is perfect for giving any eating space a new makeover. Its overall look is traditional, lending itself well to countryside styles. At the same time, it can act as a statement piece in almost any space. By placing it in a hallway corner, it's possible to achieve a homely feel. Alternatively, it can rest neatly in a bedroom and act as somewhere to sit while getting dressed. As a solid oak chair, this piece is designed to last. It arrives fully assembled, which means that it's ready to use for its intended purpose the moment you receive it.
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Ercol Heritage Counter StoolErcol Heritage Counter Stool
Ercol Heritage Counter Stool
RRP £285.00 Our Price £225
Transform any kitchen into a multipurpose dining space with the Ercol Heritage Counter Stool. Featuring enough height to sit comfortably at a kitchen counter, this wooden stool is perfect for breakfast bars. Its contemporary appearance makes it versatile enough to evolve with changes to a kitchen's appearance. This wooden bar stool is ideal for high dining tables. Its elegant legs allow it to appear both easy-going and sophisticated. As such, it works well in both formal and informal dining settings. Thanks to the spacious seat, it offers plenty of support during leisurely lunches or quick snack sessions. It's also perfect for perching on with a cup of coffee or a well-deserved glass of wine. The Ercol Heritage Counter Stool benefits from a sturdy ash frame. In its original matt form, it has a fresh and subtle appearance. Also available in black, it has the power to look commanding and transform the aura of whichever room it sits in.  

Ercol Heritage LoveseatErcol Heritage Loveseat
Ercol Heritage Loveseat
RRP £870.00 Our Price £695
Add a touch of history and class to any home with the Ercol Heritage Loveseat. This bench offers enough space for a couple to comfortably sit and enjoy each other's company. Its delicate curves lend themselves well to relaxing, while its sturdy legs offer plenty of support. This love bench can find its place in lots of rooms. As a functional item, it's ideal for replacing traditional dining chairs. Alternatively, it can sit at the end of a bed and act as a place to get dressed in the morning. The love seat fulfils decorative purposes, particularly when it's located in a hallway that would benefit from ornamental furniture. Available in natural wood and a sleek black finish, there's a version of this indoor bench to suit everyone. The dead matt lacquer form blends in deftly with numerous decorative approaches. The black finish is striking enough to draw attention to a space that needs filling.
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Ercol Heritage Modern LoveseatErcol Heritage Modern Loveseat
Ercol Heritage Modern Loveseat
RRP £900.00 Our Price £719
Create a stylish and bohemian vibe in any room with the Ercol Heritage Modern Loveseat. With an elegant frame and ample space, this indoor love seat serves decorative and practical purposes. Its combination of gentle curves and straight edges makes it appear both traditional and modern. Thanks to its versatility, it fits in well with multiple home designs. This generously proportioned loveseat is an ideal seating solution for extra guests or for couples who like to sit close together at the dining table. With its timeless motif, it can act as a statement item without other adornments. Achieve a gentle appearance with the clear matt finish that brings the bench's oak construction to life. Alternatively, attain a striking look by ordering it in black. As an item that's built to last, this modern loveseat can adapt to different purposes over the years, making it a pleasing feature for any property.
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Ercol Heritage ArmchairErcol Heritage Armchair
Ercol Heritage Armchair
RRP £490.00 Our Price £389
Make every dining experience elegant with the Ercol Heritage Armchair. Using a combination of a spindle back and soft curves, this wooden chair can complement any table. The seat itself offers plenty of space, providing a comfortable experience. Without abandoning the timeless Ercol heritage design, this chair subtly achieves a splash of modern flare. While ideal for dining, the Ercol Heritage Armchair can find a home in any room. When situated in the corner of a living space, it's an ideal focal point for a reading nook. Alternatively, resting it strategically in a hallway makes it easy to bring a touch of old-time design to a minimalist area. Thanks to its versatility, the uses for this wooden armchair are seemingly limitless. This chair's oak sculpturing makes it comfortable and sturdy. When ordered in its clear matt form, it retains its entire heritage appearance. It's also available in black, giving it a rustic feel but with a powerful twist.
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