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Ercol Rimini BedframeErcol Rimini Bedframe
Ercol Rimini Bedframe
RRP £1370.00 Our Price from £1095
Get a good night's sleep with the contemporary Ercol Rimini Bedframe, available in both double and king sizes. A solid, elegant frame in hard oak wood supports the bed, enhanced by expertly crafted lines and gentle curves. The base of the bed features birch wood slats connected to strong centre and side rails. Birch wood has a reputation for being hard and strong, with good shock resistance qualities. The headboard features four horizontal solid oak planks, set millimetres apart, and includes the characteristic Rimini chamfering detail in between, which gives a stylish look. The footboard has two plain oak sections, which are connected securely at both sides to sleek, sturdy bedposts. The natural wood hues are beautifully displayed in the wide slats that make up the headboard and footboard. The bedframe is finished with a coat of clear matte lacquer to bring out the warmth of the wood.
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Ercol Rimini 2 Door WardrobeErcol Rimini 2 Door Wardrobe
Ercol Rimini 2 Door Wardrobe
RRP £1820.00 Our Price £1,455
Tall and elegant with subtle curves, the Ercol Rimini 2 Door Wardrobe is a stunning addition to any bedroom or dressing room. The framework of this bedroom cupboard bears the Rimini hallmark of smoothly rounded edges, continuing down to short, tapered legs. The two light oak doors make a striking statement with their rich grain and warm wood hues, opening to reveal a sturdy wooden rail and ample hanging space, with enough length for a long evening dress or winter coat. The bottom section of the wardrobe has a deep drawer that runs the width of the cabinet, perfect for storing a shoe collection, or bulky blankets and knitwear. Another appealing feature of the unit is the beautifully chamfered cutaways that form recessed handles, blending into the wood and creating a smooth, streamlined look. The wardrobe is coated in a clear matte lacquer to protect and enhance the lovely wood grain and ensure it endures the test of time.

Ercol Rimini 3 Drawer BedsideErcol Rimini 3 Drawer Bedside
Ercol Rimini 3 Drawer Bedside
RRP £450.00 Our Price £359
The Ercol Rimini 3 Drawer Bedside has enough space to hold everything you need in your bedside cabinet, and the surface area is large enough for a fair-sized reading lamp or houseplant. The frame of the unit features rounded edges, and the three drawers have a long, beautifully curved recessed lip for opening and closing, imparting a well-made, streamlined appearance. Solid legs lend stability and a modern touch to the cabinet, while the oak grain gives each drawer a unique finish. The top and sides also have their own character, with the unique wood grain shining through the clear coat of matte lacquer. This bedside table can also be used as a feature item in a small hallway or living space, with plenty of space for a large bowl on top for placing keys and gloves. Alternatively, you can use the cabinet as a chest of drawers in a child's bedroom, providing easy access storage.
Ercol Rimini 4 Drawer Low Wide ChestErcol Rimini 4 Drawer Low Wide Chest
Ercol Rimini 4 Drawer Low Wide Chest
RRP £1215.00 Our Price £969
This 4 Drawer Low Wide Chest from the Ercol Rimini range is perfect for a bedroom, with the low profile making it ideal for placing beneath a window if necessary. The cabinet offers a range of drawer sizes for your storage needs, including two half-width top drawers and a full-width middle drawer that have ample space for holding light clothes. The lower drawer is wider and deeper, making it perfect for storing bulky items such as jumpers or even blankets. Ma++

Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall ChestErcol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Chest
Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Chest
RRP £1215.00 Our Price £969
Supremely elegant, the Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Chest is beautifully crafted from solid oak and oak veneers, and able to fit into the smallest of spaces in your bedroom or dressing room. The practical tallboy has six deep drawers, making it easy to store and care for your precious items of clothing and accessories. In keeping with the stylish Rimini finishes, the slender top and framework feature softly rounded edges, perfectly joined at the top and continuing down the sides into the sturdy base with curved corners and smooth legs. The drawers have finely contoured, recessed handles, creating an eye-catching pattern down the length of the unit. All these details, combined with the beautiful oak grain, result in a modern and versatile piece of furniture. This chest of drawers is polished to perfection using a clear matte lacquer to highlight the warm oak hues and protect the natural beauty of the wood.
Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Wide ChestErcol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest
Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest
RRP £1370.00 Our Price £1,095
This Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest is a handsome addition to any bedroom, providing plenty of easily accessible storage. The stylish oak frame of the chest of drawers features gently rounded edges and short, gracefully chamfered legs. The slender cutaway handles with their beautiful curves are characteristic of the Rimini collection, and lend a modern, streamlined appearance to the cabinet. A wide bottom drawer offers additional depth for storing bulky items such as jackets or blankets, while the three upper drawers have slightly less depth but still provide ample storage space. Two smaller drawers at the top of the chest provide quick access to those personal items that are in heavy demand. The unique light oak grain of this chest of drawers is finished off with a clear matte varnish, emphasising the natural beauty of the wood and the excellent craftmanship.

Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside CabinetErcol Rimini Compact Bedside Cabinet
Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside Cabinet
RRP £365.00 Our Price £289
A chic nightstand that fits into a small nook beside your bed, the stylish Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside Cabinet is a perfect option for the smaller bedroom. It features three drawers and a surface area large enough for a lamp, alarm clock or book. Characteristic of the Rimini cabinets, all drawers are spacious, and the bottom drawer has added depth for the storage of larger items, ensuring a clutter-free bedroom. The drawers have sleekly chamfered, recessed handles for smooth opening and closing, and the top and side frames have gently curved edges for a graceful, streamlined appearance. Overall, this cabinet, with its flowing lines, rounded edges and beautiful drawer detail, imparts an impression of quality and fine craftsmanship. A final application of clear matte lacquer gives the unit a soft, polished look and brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain. This product requires assembly on site.