Ercol Romana

Ercol Romana 2 Door SideboardErcol Romana 2 Door Sideboard
Ercol Romana 2 Door Sideboard
RRP £2280.00 Our Price £1,819
As a multi-functional solution to dining room cabinets, the Ercol Romana 2 Door Sideboard is the perfect choice for a smaller dining room. Neat and practical, this sideboard is separated into two halves with an adjustable wooden shelf on each side. There is plenty of space to store items such as glassware, crockery, or bulky table linen. Place a cutlery tray on a shelf, and you have everything you need close at hand. The doors are conveniently fitted with soft-closing hinges for optimum efficiency. The warm hue and natural wood grain give the cabinet a beautiful, organic look, while the well-crafted, slender framework features subtly rounded edges and strong, tapered legs for support. The two curved recessed handles blend in perfectly with the smooth oak doors, in keeping with the superb Romana craftsmanship. As a final touch, the sideboard is finished in a clear matte lacquer, giving it a soft sheen and protecting this beautiful item of furniture.
Ercol Romana Dining Chair with Fabric SeatErcol Romana Dining Chair with Fabric Seat
Ercol Romana Dining Chair with Fabric Seat
RRP £570.00 Our Price from £455
Smart and functional, the Romana Dining Chair with Fabric Seats is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortably built, perfect for long periods of fine dining. For optimum back support, the chair has four broad horizontal wooden slats arranged in ladderback style, slightly curved and tapering stylishly towards the top, with a gentle backward slant for added comfort. The plush foam-padded seat cushion comes in a choice of fabric or leather, and a range of fashionable colours to suit your stylish dining room d?cor. Constructed from oak, the solid framework and expertly tapered legs add strength to this chair, bearing testament to the fine craftsmanship and high quality that the Romana collection offers. As a final touch, a protective coat of clear matte lacquer is applied, creating a smooth finish and enhancing the natural grain and warm oak hue.
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Ercol Romana HighboardErcol Romana Highboard
Ercol Romana Highboard
RRP £4710.00 Our Price £3,765
The Ercol Romana Highboard is a compact but spacious highboard that features three distinct cupboard storage sections and three drawers. A sleek oakwood highboard can offer a great deal of storage in limited space. Romana's distinctive soft curves can be seen on the front edge of the highboard's top, and the legs have flowing, organic curves and edges. Designed to provide ample storage in compact places, the eye-catching highboard can be used to store dishes in the dining room or just be placed anywhere in the home to store essentials. Each of the cabinet pieces has a wooden shelf that is set on pins and has an adjustable height so that you can customise the height of each shelf according to your needs. The three drawers also have soft-close mechanisms, and the door hinges include gentle closing capabilities. This gorgeous piece of oak furniture has a clear matte lacquer finish to highlight the beauty of the raw wood.
Ercol Romana Large SideboardErcol Romana Large Sideboard
Ercol Romana Large Sideboard
RRP £3405.00 Our Price £2,719
The Ercol Romana Large Sideboard in solid oak and oak veneer lends a look of distinction to your stylish dining room, and is perfectly functional with ample storage space. The main cabinet is divided vertically, with an adjustable shelf in each of the two sections, providing plenty of space for storing large items. The three drawers offer easy access to smaller items such as cutlery, serving utensils and serviettes. The cabinet top can be used as a display area for ornaments and other knick-knacks, and as a backup serving area while entertaining. This sideboard bears the beautifully rounded edges and short, tapered legs characteristic of the Romana collection. It also features the sleek cutaway handles with softly curved detail on both doors and drawers, giving the cabinet a beautiful, streamlined appearance. The clean lines of this cabinet and the pale oak wood grain are further enhanced by the application of a clear matte lacquer, resulting in a striking piece of furniture for your dining room.

Ercol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 ChairsErcol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs
Ercol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs
RRP £6195.00 Our Price £4,949
The Ercol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs is a beautiful set from the Ercol Romana dining and living room furniture line. This medium-sized dining table will undoubtedly be the star of your dining area because of its elegant design and smooth curves, highlighting Ercol's proficiency in working with solid wood. The dining table is made from light-coloured high-quality oakwood and has a clear, smooth lacquer finish to preserve the wood. The tabletop can be extended to increase the seating space to accommodate more people. Extending the table is quick and hassle-free. Pulling on one end of the table expands it while simultaneously opening the other, thanks to an inventive reciprocating mechanism, making it incredibly functional. A total of six chairs accompanies this elegant extendable table. Two are padded, and four are non-padded. This allows you to choose how you want to set up the seating based on preference and comfort.
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Ercol Romana Padded Back Dining ChairErcol Romana Padded Back Dining Chair
Ercol Romana Padded Back Dining Chair
RRP £610.00 Our Price from £485
These exquisitely elegant chairs will perfectly complement your beautiful Romana dining room table, offering comfort and stylish sophistication. The cushions are available in leather or fabric upholstery, with a variety of colours to suit your existing d?cor. The Ercol Romana Padded Back Dining Chair features a tall back, which slopes ever so slightly, as well as a curved top rail to accommodate your posture. Combine this with plush foam-padded cushioning on the back and seat, and you can be sure of a comfortable dining experience. The elegant frame has subtly rounded edges, starting with the curves at the top corners and continuing down to gracefully tapered legs. Each chair is finished with a clear matte lacquer, which enhances and protects the natural wood grain. Pair these chairs a Romana dining table to create a cohesive look in your dining space.
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Ercol Romana Small SideboardErcol Romana Small Sideboard
Ercol Romana Small Sideboard
RRP £2845.00 Our Price £2,275
A compact sideboard that easily fits into a small dining room space, the Romana Small Sideboard is neat and compact while offering all the storage options you need. The top of the cabinet is a lovely example of the natural oak colouring and wood grain, and can be used as extra serving space when the need arises. The single cupboard door on one side features the customary beautifully curved Romana cutaway handle along the top. The door opens to reveal a deep cabinet with an adjustable wooden shelf, providing ample storage space. The other half of the cabinet has three drawers, with the bottom drawer offering extra depth, as is customary of the Romana collection chests and cabinets. Cantilevered cutaways create recessed handles in the drawers. Both the drawers and cupboard hinges have state-of-the-art soft-close mechanisms for smooth operation. This dining room cabinet is finished with a clear matte lacquer, giving it a perfectly crafted appearance and ensuring it will last the test of time.
Ercol Romana Coffee TableErcol Romana Coffee Table
Ercol Romana Coffee Table
RRP £1080.00 Our Price £859
How about a coffee table with a sliding top that reveals a secret recess beneath? The Ercol Romana Coffee Table combines a streamlined aesthetic, a sturdy surface to place an interesting book or two, and a hidden nook for storing your electronic gadgets, such as TV remotes, phone chargers and perhaps your laptop. This unit boasts a slender tabletop with gently curved edges and four beautifully rounded corners atop a sturdy framework with chamfered legs, tapering elegantly downwards. The warm, natural oak grain of the table is a focal point, while the hidey hole beneath adds a fun, yet practical, aspect to this beautiful piece of furniture. In keeping with the chic minimalism and beautiful craftsmanship that are characteristic of the Romana collection, the table is finished with a clear matte lacquer.

Ercol Romana IR TV UnitErcol Romana IR TV Unit
Ercol Romana IR TV Unit
RRP £2460.00 Our Price £1,965
Enhance your leisure time with the Romana IR TV Unit, a tech-smart option in beautiful solid oak with clean, flowing lines. The TV cabinet has all you need in an entertainment centre. There is ample surface space for a wide screen TV, sufficient storage for electronic music and entertainment boxes, and plenty of drawer space for stacking DVDs and accessories. The unit also features a built-in IR eye that registers remote instructions without having to open the wooden doors. The IR receiver itself has a range of 20 ? 70 kHz. The unit is divided into two sections. It features a cabinet on one side, with an adjustable glass shelf and cable exits to keep things neat, while the other side has two spacious drawers. The sturdy frame is softly rounded at the edges, and the base of the unit has curved corners and tapered legs. Combine these features with the curved recessed handles on both the door and drawers and you have a practical, streamlined cabinet perfect for any living space.
Ercol Romana Lamp TableErcol Romana Lamp Table
Ercol Romana Lamp Table
RRP £1040.00 Our Price £829
A neat little oak table with a useful drawer for stashing keys and TV remotes, the Ercol Romana Lamp Table is designed to hold a lamp of reasonable proportions, ideal for lighting up your living areas or even a dark corner in a bedroom or hallway. It can also double as a side table for small spaces. True to the exquisite Romana style, the slim tabletop has finely rounded edges and sits atop a sturdy frame. The corners are nicely rounded, and the tapered legs chamfered to create a natural, organic appearance. The compact drawer fits neatly into the framework with a curved, recessed handle that blends unobtrusively into the unit, which is ideal for storing keys and mobile phones. A final touch is added in the form of a clear, matte lacquer, giving the lamp table an elegant, polished appearance without the shine.

Ercol Romana Wide IR TV UnitErcol Romana Wide IR TV Unit
Ercol Romana Wide IR TV Unit
RRP £3240.00 Our Price £2,589
The Ercol Romana Wide IR TV Unit from our best-selling Ercol Collection is the ideal TV cabinet for every living room. This beautifully designed cabinet is made to provide multiple functions without compromising on its classic look. It has two drawers that are perfect for keeping CDs, DVDs, and books and magazines. It also features a closet portion for storing your Digibox. The truly innovative part is in the ?IR eye', which allows you to use your remote control while your satellite box and Digibox are securely kept behind closed wooden doors, out of sight and away from dust. Additionally, the table TV Unit is free from any visible knobs and handles. Instead, they are provided by wave-shaped cut-out recesses, giving a smooth and seamless appearance. The legs of the TV cabinet feature flowing organic curves, and the front edge of the frame has a softly curved angle that serves as its trademark.
Ercol Romana Large Extending Dining TableErcol Romana Large Extending Dining Table
Ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table
RRP £4360.00 Our Price £3,485
The Ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table is an elegant oak dining table that features lovely, curved edges and long tabletop edges. Combined with the legs' chamfers and curves, they give the table a more modern appearance. When closed, this dining table seats eight people. Another highlight of this gorgeous design is that the table is extendable and can increase seating space to accommodate a total of 10 people when extended. The table has a reciprocating mechanism in which pulling on one end extends it while simultaneously opening the other side automatically. The extension leaf is easily flipped open into position after being stowed inside the table using a unique butterfly mechanism. It is coated with a transparent matte lacquer that accentuates the oak's natural beauty while also protecting the wood. The Ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table will make a sleek and stylish replacement for your current dining table and enhance the ambiance of your dining room.

Ercol Romana Medium Extending Dining TableErcol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table
Ercol Romana Medium Extending Dining Table
RRP £2775.00 Our Price £2,219
For an elegant dining experience, consider the Romana Medium Extending Dining Table, providing a practical solution to your dining and entertainment needs. This six-seater table is easily converted to seat eight. When you slide one end out, the other slides out automatically, exposing the butterfly extension beneath. The extension folds out to one side and is then opened to add extra surface area to the table. Fold back again and close once the party is over. The beautiful solid oak tabletop with its natural wood grain is an asset in your dining area, complementing your stylish surroundings. The well-crafted frame beneath boasts beautifully chamfered edges which continue down into the tapered legs, and gives the table a soft, organic appearance. This table is finished with a clear, matte lacquer, which brings out the beautiful warm oak colour and unique grain.
Ercol Romana Small Extending Dining TableErcol Romana Small Extending Dining Table
Ercol Romana Small Extending Dining Table
RRP £2630.00 Our Price £2,099
Expertly crafted curves make this Romana Small Extending Dining Table an elegant option for your dining space. Long, tapered legs lend a well-crafted look to the table, flowing into the sturdy upper frame, while the solid oak tabletop adds an understated beauty to the finished product with its warm wood grain. To extend this four-seater table, simply slide one end out; the other end will open out automatically. A butterfly extension leaf hidden beneath the table is then folded out to one side and opened up to cover the opposite side. Once open, the table seats six people comfortably and slides back with ease once dinner is over. This nifty dining room table is ideal for smaller homes with an open-plan lounge and dining area. The beautiful oak grain is enhanced by the application of a clear matte lacquer, giving it a subtle sheen and protecting the wood from the elements and spills, ensuring it will last for years to come.