Ercol Teramo Bedroom

Ercol Teramo BedErcol Teramo Bed
Ercol Teramo Bed
RRP £1465.00 Our Price from £1169
Bring a touch of countryside chic to any bedroom with the Ercol Teramo Bed Frame. Thanks to the spindle headboard, this double bed has a charming feel. It delivers an instantly homely vibe, making the bed an inviting place to rest. With a plush duvet and plump pillows, it becomes a peaceful haven. Pre-sprung wooden slats create a sturdy yet satisfying base that supports any mattress. This makes the double bed ideal for main bedroom use. Alternatively, place it in a guest bedroom to provide loved ones with somewhere cosy to unwind. Thanks to its stylish appearance, it works well in open-plan spaces such as studio apartments. The Ercol Teramo Bed Frame is also available as a king-size bed for those who need some extra space. The shaker-style frame is made from sturdy oak, making it a dependable item that will last for years. A matt finish allows the wood's natural beauty to shine through.
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Ercol Teramo 2 Door WardrobeErcol Teramo 2 Door Wardrobe
Ercol Teramo 2 Door Wardrobe
RRP £2060.00 Our Price £1,649
Store clothes and trinkets neatly in the Ercol Teramo 2 Door Wardrobe. Featuring two doors and a drawer at the base, this bedroom wardrobe is spacious. Inside, the large compartment houses a sturdy hanging rail. It offers ample space for keeping garments well-organised and makes them easy to access. The drawer is perfect for foldable items and towels, making this wardrobe a truly useful item. As a practical addition to any furniture collection, this wooden wardrobe looks enticing in the main bedroom. The subtly curved tapered edges provide a slightly contemporary feel. Alternatively, add them to a guest room so that visitors have somewhere attractive to hang their clothes. Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, this double wardrobe can act as a statement piece in any spare room. The Ercol Teramo 2 Door Wardrobe has a lacquer finish and is made from oak. Each wardrobe is carefully handcrafted, allowing its tailored and timeless beauty to shine through.

Ercol Teramo 3 Door WardrobeErcol Teramo 3 Door Wardrobe
Ercol Teramo 3 Door Wardrobe
RRP £2760.00 Our Price £2,199
Maximise storage space in any home with the Ercol Teramo 3 Door Wardrobe. Featuring two large compartments and one smaller one, this wooden wardrobe has enough room for lots of clothes. Inside there's adjustable shelving that's perfect for holding shoes. Between the larger doors is a smaller chamber that rests atop two drawers. Combined, these features allow the wardrobe to act as an all-in-one solution for tidying outfits neatly away. Add this three-door wardrobe to any main bedroom to give its d?cor some allure. While it appears traditional at first glance, this wardrobe has a few contemporary features. Elegant curves rest alongside straight edges for a subtly modern look. The oval handles add a fresh touch of style. In guest bedrooms, it's ideal for stowing spare linen and providing visitors with space to keep their clothes. Available in oak, the Ercol Teramo 3 Door Wardrobe has an attractive lacquer finish. Its sturdy hanging rails lend themselves well to holding heavy and light garments alike.
Ercol Teramo 5 Drawer Wide Chest of DrawersErcol Teramo 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers
Ercol Teramo 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers
RRP £1370.00 Our Price £1,095
Combining traditional design with contemporary curves, the Ercol Teramo 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers fits in with any d?cor. Its shaker style is reminiscent of farmhouse designs, but its oval handles give it a modern edge. It provides ample space, with four medium-sized drawers and a larger one at the base. With this chest of drawers, storing clothes becomes effortless. Each drawer is deep and has excellent storage potential. Its curved top provides somewhere roomy to adorn with ornaments and soft lighting ? or maybe a mirror for getting ready in the morning. Outside the bedroom, these drawers work equally well in dining areas and living rooms. They're excellent as an alternative to a sideboard and come to life when decorated with treasured photos. The Ercol Teramo 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers is made from robust oak. The lacquer finish provides additional strength, while retaining the timber's beauty.

Ercol Teramo 6 Drawer Tall Chest of DrawersErcol Teramo 6 Drawer Tall Chest of Drawers
Ercol Teramo 6 Drawer Tall Chest of Drawers
RRP £1295.00 Our Price £1,035
Create additional storage in compact living areas with the Ercol Teramo 6 Drawer Tall Chest of Drawers. Featuring six deep drawers and a slim facade, these narrow drawers are ideal when space is at a premium. These narrow drawers can rest neatly in the corner of smaller bedrooms. They will offer somewhere to store folded clothes, books and other compact items. Alternatively, they're the perfect addition to any dressing area, providing somewhere to stash makeup and beauty essentials. In a home office, they're an optimal storage space for documents that require easy access. Or, they're neat enough to fit in a living room and act as somewhere to put away clutter. The Ercol Teramo 6 Drawer Tall Chest of Drawers are made from oak. Their lacquer veneer allows the timber's natural beauty to shine through while protecting it. By combining them with ornaments, it's easy to personalise these wooden drawers.
Ercol Teramo 7 Drawer Tall Wide Chest of DrawersErcol Teramo 7 Drawer Tall Wide Chest of Drawers
Ercol Teramo 7 Drawer Tall Wide Chest of Drawers
RRP £1545.00 Our Price £1,235
Bring some much-needed storage to any room with the Ercol Teramo 7 Drawer Tall Wide Chest of Drawers. Offering a combination of large and small drawers, this item is an essential piece of bedroom furniture. With the right adornments, it suits all tastes and blends into any interior design. When used in a bedroom, these tall drawers are perfect for storing folded clothes and underwear. They allow you to attain a serene sleeping area free from clutter. Alternatively, use them to stash trinkets and important documents in any room. It's ideal for a home office, where essential tools need somewhere safe to live. Or, in a dining room, it can house the plates and cutlery that usually make an appearance on special occasions. Made from oak, these wide drawers have a lacquer finish that adds to their beauty. The wood is sturdy, making them the perfect addition to a busy home.

Ercol Teramo Bedside CabinetErcol Teramo Bedside Cabinet
Ercol Teramo Bedside Cabinet
RRP £470.00 Our Price £375
With a classic design, the Ercol Teramo Bedside Cabinet meets storage and decorative needs. Two spacious drawers provide ample space for bedroom essentials such as chargers and books and night-time gear such as pyjamas. Thanks to its gentle curves, this bedside cabinet adds subtle charm to any sleeping space. When bought in a pair, the bedside drawers rest neatly on either side of a double bed. While they offer plenty of storage capacity, they only take up a little room. Their petite size makes them perfect for smaller bedrooms where gaps are tight. As a solo item, these bedroom drawers are superb additions to single rooms. Outside the bedroom, they rest neatly beneath office desks and act as a quaint space to keep documents. Alternatively, use them as hallway drawers for anything you need to grab as you walk out the door. The Ercol Teramo Bedside Cabinet is available in oak. The clear lacquer finish allows the wood's rustic allure to shine through.
Ercol Teramo Dressing TableErcol Teramo Dressing Table
Ercol Teramo Dressing Table
RRP £995.00 Our Price £795
Get ready in style with the Ercol Teramo Dressing Table. Featuring a generously sized built-in mirror, this dressing table is perfect for applying makeup and checking outfits. It comes with two drawers, one with free space and another with compartments. Thanks to the compartmentalised drawer, it is easy to keep beauty essentials organised. There's plenty of room beneath the dresser to accommodate a stool or chair. This vanity table is compact enough to suit bedrooms of all sizes. It creates a dedicated area for generating stylish looks. When located in front of a window, any natural lighting that flows through brings the mirror into full effect. In a young person's bedroom, it can double up as a desk for doing homework. Made from oak, the Ercol Teramo Dressing Table blends a shaker style with modern twists. This wooden dressing table sits on tapered legs that offer plenty of stability. The mirror's glass is surrounded by a sturdy frame and angles perfectly to capture lighting.
The Teramo collection by Ercol is crafted from pale oak and features elements of the timeless Shaker style. This versatile range offers everything needed to achieve either a modern, casual look or a more classical and formal aesthetic. When paired with pieces from the Ballatta collection, Teramo showcases its adaptability, making it an excellent choice for any interior design preference.