Ercol Teramo Living & Dining

Ercol Teramo Dining ChairErcol Teramo Dining Chair
Ercol Teramo Dining Chair
RRP £385.00 Our Price £300
Make every dining experience feel cosy with the Ercol Teramo Dining Chair. Featuring a back that gently arches, this wooden dining chair is supportive. It has nine slim slats that feed right into the seat, making it an ideal place to lounge. The seat itself features plump padding that's ideal for lengthy dining experiences. Thanks to the tapered legs, this dining chair feels secure and sturdy. When placed around a dining table as part of a set, these chairs deliver a rustic look. They tuck beneath tables neatly. This wooden chair also has a place in the bedroom, where it can rest in front of a vanity table. It's comfy enough to sit in while getting ready in the morning. Alternatively, add it as part of a pair to a large hallway so that there's somewhere to sit while putting on shoes. The Ercol Teramo Dining Chair comes in pale oak. Its cushion is a soft cream colour, which complements all decorative approaches.
Ercol Teramo Large SideboardErcol Teramo Large Sideboard
Ercol Teramo Large Sideboard
RRP £1560.00 Our Price £1,245
Create the ultimate storage area with the Ercol Teramo Large Sideboard. Two deep cupboards offer an expansive space to keep treasured necessities. Their adjustable shelving allows them to remain flexible, making this sideboard easy to adjust over time. Between the cupboards are three spacious drawers. The two smaller drawers are perfect for keeping trinkets in. The larger drawer at the bottom accommodates larger items. With its classic shaker style, this wooden sideboard fits in well with all decorative styles. While serving its traditional purpose in a dining room, this wooden sideboard enhances all eating experiences. Its spacious top is perfect for placing dishes and snacks. Inside, there is enough space for cutlery and plates. When it comes to open-plan living, this wooden sideboard offers a flexible space to keep everything in place. The Ercol Teramo Large Sideboard comes in pale oak with supportive turned legs. Its design makes it perfect for anywhere that requires a rustic touch.

Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 4 ChairsErcol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 4 Chairs
Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 4 Chairs
RRP £2945.00 Our Price £2,445
Handcrafted from solid oak, the Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table and 4 Chairs is a timeless piece of furniture that features Shaker-inspired details. This attractive table is the ideal solution for day-to-day casual family dining but can also be used for entertaining bigger crowds of people on special occasions. When four people are dining, it provides plenty of space for everyone, but when extra guests arrive, it can be extended to meet the needs of eight. The extendable leaf is concealed within the body of the table but folds out in seconds using a convenient butterfly mechanism. Finished with curved slats and a softly cushioned seat, the four chairs are comfortably supportive. The legs taper neatly toward the floor, and the table includes overhanging tops for an additional flourish of Shaker style. This practical piece is simple in design yet incredibly elegant. When not in use, it can be dressed with flowers or a fruit bowl.
Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 ChairsErcol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs
Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs
RRP £3870.00 Our Price £3,045
Finished in pale oak, the Ercol Teramo Medium Table and 6 Chairs will be a contemporary centrepiece in the dining room of any home. The soft curves, clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic follow a functional Shaker design theme to ensure it looks refined enough for formal occasions while remaining practical enough for daily use. The extendable element is stored away within the table. When extra places are needed for supper, it can be adjusted to accommodate up to eight guests within seconds. The extension leaf simply folds out using a sturdy butterfly mechanism. This table is ideal for homes with a compact dining space that often hosts dinner parties or family celebrations. The six Teramo dining chairs feature a large padded seat, tapered legs that reflect those of the table, and a slatted arched back. It's an extremely comfortable chair with a slim-line profile and will tuck neatly underneath the tabletop when it's not required.

Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table and 6 ChairsErcol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table and 6 Chairs
Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table and 6 Chairs
RRP £3220.00 Our Price £2,199
The teramo medium extending dining table in pale oak is perfect for entertaining friends or gathering the family together. Its pure, classic lines are inspired by Shaker design. This contemporary yet classic dining table extends to seat up to eight people. The extension leaf is stored within the table, opening with ease with a butterfly mechanism.
Ercol Teramo Small Extending TableErcol Teramo Small Extending Table
Ercol Teramo Small Extending Table
RRP £1325.00 Our Price £1,059
Create a flexible dining space with the Ercol Teramo Small Extending Table. In its smallest form, this extendable dining table provides enough room for four people. When extended, it provides two extra spaces. This makes it perfect for accommodating unexpected guests. The table extends and retracts easily, so it's convenient for anyone who wants a large dining space at the last minute. Its butterfly mechanism is simple to operate. This oval table can act as a standalone feature in any room where extra space is needed. In a compact dining room, it allows for bigger gaps. When the time comes to host guests and large dishes, it unfolds effortlessly. It also suits open-plan living areas, where permanently placing a large dining table isn't an option. Alternatively, it's a flexible solution when you're working from home and occasionally need somewhere big to lay out documents. The Ercol Teramo Small Extending Table comes in pale oak. It has a delightful natural finish and is supported by tapered legs.

Ercol Teramo Small SideboardErcol Teramo Small Sideboard
Ercol Teramo Small Sideboard
RRP £1245.00 Our Price £995
With adjustable shelving and ample storage space, the Ercol Teramo Small Sideboard is an essential addition to any room. At the top, two spacious drawers make it easy to store trinkets, cutlery and documents. Underneath, two cupboard doors open to reveal an expansive space for everyday items. Created in a traditional shaker style, this wooden sideboard has some modern features. The overhanging top provides it with undeniable charm, and it sits on tapered legs. In a living room, this small sideboard makes staying organised easy. It provides somewhere to keep necessary items when they're not in use. When placed in a dining room, it can serve many functions. It can store wine, spirits and dinner sets, and is flexible enough to support all culinary experiences. It works well in kitchens, storing non-perishable goods and cooking equipment. The Ercol Teramo Small Sideboard comes in pale oak. Its oval handles allow for ease of use while delivering a modern feel. The doors and drawers move gently, allowing for a sleek sideboard experience.
Ercol Teramo Shelving UnitErcol Teramo Shelving Unit
Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit
RRP £1170.00 Our Price £935
Whether it's used for storing books or ornaments, the Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit is beautiful to behold. Its elegant curves provide ample storage space. Thanks to its versatile nature, this wooden shelving unit has a place in almost any room. With five shelves, it makes versatile storage achievable, even in small spaces. Its book-storing potential makes it perfect for reading nooks and home libraries. In small home offices, it maximises floor space by providing somewhere to keep a printer and other work essentials. Or, when placed in a bathroom, it supplies somewhere for beauty lovers to store their goods. This tall shelving unit isn't just functional though. When adorned with ornaments, it becomes a decorative focal point anywhere. Alternatively, add it to a hallway with a few family photos. The Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit comes in charming pale oak. It benefits from careful craftsmanship and subtle touches of modern refinement.

Ercol Teramo Coffee TableErcol Teramo Coffee Table
Ercol Teramo Coffee Table
RRP £625.00 Our Price £499
Brighten up any living area with the Ercol Teramo Coffee Table. As a truly versatile item, this coffee table with drawers offers plenty of storage space. The two deep drawers make staying organised easier. They comfortably accommodate books, tablets and anything else you need to hand. Its expansive top provides an abundance of room for ornaments. As a large coffee table, this item is ideal for family rooms. Whether it rests neatly against a wall or stands alone in the middle, it's an eye-catching piece. In an office, it presents copious amounts of space for work essentials. Its simple facade blends in well with professional environments, making it an excellent table for anyone who works from home. Its shaker style allows this table to complement any interior design. The Ercol Teramo Coffee Table benefits from sturdy pale wood. Its oval handles and dovetail joints make it easy to open. This classic piece of furniture is an item that no home will outgrow.
Ercol Teramo Compact Side TableErcol Teramo Compact Side Table
Ercol Teramo Compact Side Table
RRP £310.00 Our Price £245
Add a delicate touch of storage space to any room with the Ercol Teramo Compact Side Table. Featuring a single drawer and a petite top, this wooden side table is perfect for smaller rooms. Or it can act as a discreet place to keep treasured items in larger areas. Beneath the drawer is a compact shelf, offering a place for pretty ornaments and indoor plants to rest. Thanks to its size, this small side table is excellent for placing next to an armchair. In the bedroom, it transforms into a bedside table. Its compact size means that you can easily fit one on either side of a double bed, even in a small room. Or it can rest alone next to a single bed, offering somewhere handy to keep a lamp. The Ercol Teramo Compact Side Table is made from soft-coloured oak. Its delicate curves make it an item that's subtle yet charming.

Ercol Teramo Side TableErcol Teramo Side Table
Ercol Teramo Side Table
RRP £255.00 Our Price £189
The versatile 3669 Teramo side table in pale oak is elegantly understated, its timeless design perfect for both modern and classic homes. The small round tabletop and shelf below are supported by three outwardly splayed, tapering legs.
Ercol Teramo TV UnitErcol Teramo TV Unit
Ercol Teramo TV Unit
RRP £815.00 Our Price £649
Make every movie night enjoyable with the Ercol Teramo TV Unit. This wooden unit features a generously spaced shelf for media essentials. Its generous size allows it to host large TVs. At the back, two ornate gaps allow wiring to feed through, ensuring that everything looks tidy. Two deep drawers at the bottom provide plenty of space for DVDs, spare remotes, and games. Add this wooden media station to any living room for an instant rustic feel. It strikes the right balance between countryside charm and modern living. With its neutral tones, the unit also looks great in bedrooms. This makes it perfect for guest and teenage rooms, where occupants may want to relax and watch their favourite movie in peace. Or, it can host large screens in a home office for important conference calls. The Ercol Teramo TV Unit is made from pale oak wood. Its fine curves allow it to slot in anywhere, making it a versatile piece of furniture.

Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining TableErcol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table
Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table
RRP £1560.00 Our Price £1,245
Create a farmhouse look in any home with the Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table. When extended to its full size, this medium dining table hosts eight guests. Its expansive size makes it perfect for large households or throwing dinner parties. Thanks to its sturdy tapered legs, it holds plenty of weight. In a big room, this large dining table acts as a focal feature. The extension leaf in the centre has a butterfly mechanism, making it simple to unfold. When extra space is needed, it packs away neatly. This extendable dining table also suits lofty open-plan living areas. Rest it behind a sofa to clearly mark which zone is for eating and which is for lounging. Or, use it as a formidable desk in a home office. The Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table comes in pale oak. It has subtle curves that bring elegance to any home.