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George Foreman Medium Fit GrillGeorge Foreman Medium Fit Grill
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George Foreman Medium Fit Grill
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This George Foreman Medium Fit Grill with copper metal plated is the perfect addition to your kitchen to help you cook or make snacks quickly and easily. Creating many of your favourite dishes, it is simple to store with a 160% faster heat up time without comprimising on cooking time. Whether it's grilling chicken, vegetables or paninis and sandwichs, it is a very versatile kitchen appliance, whilst helping you to eat healthier using less oil thanks to it's non stick base.
George Foreman Small Steel Grill Grey
George Foreman Small Steel Grill Grey
RRP £49.99 Our Price £23.99
Upgrade your cooking game with the George Foreman Small Grey Steel Grill, boasting a contemporary design that combines sleek black, grey and stainless steel accents, along with deep grill lines that will impress your guests. With non-stick plates that are easy to clean, you can cook your entire meal on the grill, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. The rear foot is adjustable, allowing you to angle the cooking surface, which helps remove up to 42% of fat, as measured against 20% fat content beef burgers (113g), which is collected in the improved clip-in drip tray. The floating hinge accommodates thicker cuts of meat and odd-shaped foods, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen. For added convenience, the George Foreman Small Grey Steel Grill can be stored vertically to save space, and the cord wrap keeps the power cable tidy. So, if you want a grill that is both stylish and practical, this is the perfect choice for you.