Norfolk Oak Bedroom

Norfolk Oak Small Wall Mirror
Norfolk Oak Small Wall Mirror
Was £125.00 Now £99
Add a touch of elegance to your living space with the Norfolk Oak Small Wall Mirror, a beautiful mirror with a sturdy frame crafted of the finest hardwood. Ideal for hanging on the walls of any living space, this large mirror looks unquestionably stylish and complements any existing furniture and home decor. The attractive grain and resistance to any scratches or general wear and tear make oak furniture a perfect choice for use in any family room. Wall mirrors are the perfect way to add a sense of space and dimension to any room, helping to create a bright, open and inviting space.
Norfolk Oak Filing CabinetNorfolk Oak Filing Cabinet
Norfolk Oak Filing Cabinet
Was £449.00 Now £329
Expertly organise your home office or workspace with the Norfolk Oak Filing Cabinet, a finely-crafted oak cabinet that will enhance the beauty and efficiency of your work area. The Norfolk Oak Filing Cabinet is a gorgeous and superior oak filing cabinet. Crafted from solid oak wood featuring clean lines, subtle wood grain patterns, and beautiful metal handles. The perfect way to stay organised and keep your work area clean and tidy, the Norfolk Oak Filing Cabinet will make an ideal addition to your home (or business) furnishings. The Norfolk Oak Filing Cabinet will quickly become a favourite furniture piece, built to last and withstand years of use.

Norfolk Oak Blanket BoxNorfolk Oak Blanket Box
Norfolk Oak Blanket Box
Was £379.00 Now £179
Organise your home living spaces with the Norfolk Oak Blanket Box, a stunning and finely-crafted oak furniture piece that will seamlessly elevate the beauty and functionality of your home. The Norfolk Oak Blanket Box is a beautiful piece that enhances not only the beauty of your home, but also the neatness and organisation of your living spaces. Crafted of solid oak wood, distinctive metal hardware, and a subtle rustic edge finish, the Norfolk Oak Blanket Box makes a perfect addition to family/living rooms, bedrooms and large hallways/foyers. The two drawers are ideal for organising various items, like blankets, extra linens, or board games. This piece pairs well with other oak furniture pieces available at Aldiss to create a beautiful and functional home.