Relyon Orthopocket Extreme

Relyon Orthopocket Extreme 1500 Mattress
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Relyon Orthopocket Extreme 1500 Mattress
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Say goodbye to aches and pains for good! The Relyon Orthopocket Extreme 1500 Mattress is an expertly designed Relyon mattress that guarantees an unmatched level of postural support and comfort. The Relyon Orthopocket Extreme Mattress has been crafted to provide firm yet comfortable support for a good night?s rest. Offering extra-firm tensioned pocket springs in a wide range of mattress sizes, high-quality, elegant damask fabric and 2 rows of reinforced side stitching, this mattress provides an ultra-comfortable, supportive, durable sleep surface. Fully turnable, this piece also features sturdy handles to allow for easy rotation. This mattress is an ideal choice for anyone in the family who requires additional support or prefers an extra-firm sleep surface for a night of restful sleep.
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