Smeg - They call it ‘technology with style’. And it is!

Italy is where it began. Where else?  Vittorio Bertazzoni started out as a 19th century blacksmith. His company grew and by the1940s it was an enamelling business. They called it Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. By the 1950s and 60s the initials were enough. Now it was a brand.


As new domestic appliances, in a new era, defined who you were and how you lived, the Smeg name spoke more eloquently than most. The dishwashers and hobs were followed by ovens, small appliances and eventually the world renowned, brightly coloured and achingly cool retro fridges.


We’ve been assembling a range of Smeg appliances for you, and we’ve started with the kettle. Boldly branded and seriously styled it’s a statement for the work surface. As is the toaster. As stylish as everything in Smeg world the TSF02 bristles with technology features. It’s got extra wide slots, automatic centering racks - so your bread gets evenly browned on both sides - and it offers six browning levels. Yes. We know! But wait, there’s more. This toaster not only gives you a bagel function but also a defrost facility. So you can use bread straight from the freezer.  You know, for those mornings when you realise you haven’t got any bread out. You do know. Yes you do!

 smeg toastersmeg red kettle


That’s your tea and toast sorted then. In style!


Let’s look at the legendary Smeg blender. An 800W motor, 1.5 litre jug, 4 speed levels and multi functions including smoothie and ice crush. Retro styling and pastel colourways say style. There it is. Technology with style.

 smeg blender

You want some more style - with more technology? You have to see the Smeg stand mixer. Get it in red, pastel green, pale blue, black, silver, cream, or pastel pink - but get it. This is the retro classic that says it all when it comes to the look, and does it all when it comes to the spec. Die cast aluminium body, 4.8litre polished bowl, 10 speed settings, safety lock, non slip feet - and it comes with whisk, beater and hook to tackle any baking task you can ask of it. How can something that looks this good be so clever? Because it’s Smeg.

 silver smeg mixer

Buy just one Smeg appliance and it looks as cool as cool can be. Buy two or three and your kitchen becomes a retro styled lifestyle statement that oozes Italian chic. Either way it’s a beautiful blend of technology and style.

24th July 2018

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