Spring cleaning checklist: 8 tips to make your home sparkle

It’s that time of year again when many of us start making plans to freshen up our homes and get them in order for the warmer months ahead. Spring cleaning can seem like a mammoth task, but with the right tools (browse our cleaning range) and some handy tips, your rooms should be ship-shape and shiny in no time.

To help you tackle all those trouble-spots that are often neglected, we’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist:

1) Vacuum and spot-clean your sofa
Considering the amount of time we spend on our sofas, spills and stains are inevitable. Every month or so, give your upholstery a refresh by vacuuming the cushions, taking care to do both sides and underneath, and along any crevasses to get rid of built-up dirt. Depending on the material of your sofa – whether it’s leather, velvet or suede – use a water-based solution or solvent-based detergent to spot-clean any stubborn stains.


Top tip: check the manufacturer’s label for information on how to clean your sofa.

2) Clean and hang-dry your curtains
Window dressings also come with specific cleaning instructions depending on the type of fabric they are made from. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum or a clean cloth to remove dust, and if they are machine washable, pop them on a gentle cycle with cool to warm water and a mild detergent. Hang them on the line to dry before re-hanging.


Top tip: More delicate curtains, such as lace or sheer material, may need to be hand-washed.

3) Make your windows streak-free
Windows don’t always get the attention they deserve when it comes to regular cleaning, but sparkling, streak-free glass can make a big difference to the look and feel of your living spaces. When removing your curtains for washing, give your windows a thorough clean inside and out using a lint-free or microfibre cloth and glass cleaner.

Top tip: Don’t forget to wipe down the window sills and frames to remove any dirt and dust before re-hanging your curtains.

4) Do a hygiene check on mats
Doormats and bathmats often go unnoticed during regular floor cleaning, but they can be a hot-spot for grime and bacteria. After shaking the mat to remove loose debris, vacuum both sides and check the label to see if it’s machine washable. If it is, put it on a gentle cycle with cool water.

Top tip: Frequently-used bath mats should ideally be washed every couple of weeks and replaced once a year.

5) Deep clean your carpets
Giving your carpets a deep clean with a carpet cleaning machine can make them feel brand new. High-traffic areas need to be cleaned every few months, while bedroom carpets can be deep cleaned once or twice a year. Start by vacuuming your carpets and then tackle them with the carpet cleaner, going from corner to corner. Use cooler water for wool or wool blend carpets and adjust the setting according to how stained they are.

Top tip: Leave your carpets to dry at least overnight before putting your furniture back.

6) Steam mop hard flooring
If you have hard flooring, steam mopping is the best way to give it that squeaky-clean, polished look. Sweep or vacuum the floor first to remove loose dirt and use the steam mop according to the manufacturer's instructions, working across from the corner of the room furthest from the door.



Top tip: A steam mop may not be suitable for some flooring, including certain types of laminate or hardwood.

7) De-grime pots and pans
Get rid of burnt-on cooking residue by using dishwasher detergent with warm water and gently scrubbing with a non-scratch sponge. For stubborn grime, use baking soda with a small amount of water and leave it overnight to soak before rinsing with water and soap.

Top tip: When cleaning non-stick pans, avoid abrasive cleaning tools like scouring pads that could scratch the surface.

8) Throw bulky bedding in the wash
You probably wash your bed sheets and duvet cover regularly, but it’s important not to forget bulkier bedding such as your pillows, duvet, comforters and mattress topper. These should be washed once or twice a year (remember to check the care label before washing). Mattresses can be vacuumed with the upholstery attachment and spot-cleaned with water and a mild cleaner to remove any stains.

Top tip: If your bedding is machine washable, a gentle cycle and temperature of around 30° is ideal.

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4th February 2022

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